Importance of eye exams

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THE IMPORTANCE OF EYE EXAMS Routine eye exams are imperative irrespective of your age and physical health. During a comprehensive eye exam , your optometrist will not only determine the correct prescription for your spectacles or contact lenses ; but will also check for common eye diseases. In addition , optometrists are often the first health care professionals to detect the warning signs of chronic systemic diseases such as high blood pressure and diabetes. Their unobstructed view of the blood vessels in the eye allows them to see the warning signs of these diseases. Thus the older you get , the more important routine eye exams become. Eye exams are also important for children as they ensure normal development and good academic achievement. The earlier a visual problem is detected in your child , the easier it is for the optometrist to help your child with spectacles or eye exercises before it is too late. If your child is doing poorly at school, be sure to have his or her eyes examined as vision is closely linked to the learning process. Quite often , children will not complain of vision problem simply because they don’t know what normal vision looks like. In reality , how much could we actually accomplish in a day without the precious gift of sight. Cherish your eyesight and don’t delay your next eye exam !

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