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Body steamed with herbs is another way of treatment for sore bodies. Experiences like the hot treatment given to mothers after giving birth (1), who sit in a tent made of cloth whilst a boiled pot of herbs is placed inside the tent. The new mother can inhale herb vapor and at the same time steam herself to remove toxins. This was believed to help blood circulation, freshen and smooth the skin and so it later became more popular among everyday people, and not just new mothers.

There are two kinds of steaming: ‘dry steaming’ or so-called ‘sauna’ which is similar to Thai hot treatment. The second kind is ‘wet steaming’. This was developed from steaming in a tent to steaming in a room where more than one person at a time can enjoy the experience of having the steam of boiling herbs piped into the room. Body steaming is now accepted by modern medicine as helping with blood and lymph circulation while herbs help in accordiance with their specific properties.

(1) After delivery, mother will clean herself with salt and herbs to cure body and skin, and receive some natural herbs to heal the inside of her body. For hot treatment, mother will lay down on a small bed made of bamboo or rattan and place under the low bed a container with burning charcoal. Some herbs are added to the charcoal and the smoke of herbs will drift over the mother’s body, making her body warm. The heat and vapor will stimulate the squeezing womb to return to its normal stage. this helps the mother to have good health and reduces the risk of womb cancer in the future.

Keywords: Massage