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By: Open Your World  11-11-2011

Translation Services

With the world becoming borderless, turning into a global village, and people compelled on a daily basis to deal with documentation such as financial, medical, scientific, technical, pharmaceutical, marketing, academic and educational, foreign correspondence, medias, manuals, magazines, reviews, contracts, patents, websites written in unfamiliar languages, we cannot do without translators.

At Open your World through Communication we have professional translators who can accurately and efficiently break your language barriers. Translation works are grouped according to the known different categories such as essential/normal, specialized/technical, comprehensive, sworn, financial, creative and dubbing translations services. We mainly cater for English, French, Spanish, Swahili, Portuguese, German and Italian languages based on specialised skills.

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Open Your World :: Voice-over

This also means that the language in which you wish your text to be dubbed does not matter: our professional voice-over/dubbing agents will see to it that your need is met beyond your expectation. As we at Open your world through Communication strive to provide for a holistic language package, we understand the need for a voice-over/dubbing service.