Miet Africa

By: Miet  11-11-2011

As an African leader in developing and providing innovative education solutions, MIET Africa has extensive experience and expertise in the various areas of child and youth education. MIET Africa realizes that this expertise has applications in almost all emerging markets globally, particularly on the African continent, to help children reach their full potential.

MIET Africa is offering its services globally in order to make the largest impact it can in contributing to children attaining their full potential.

Services offered can be utilised individually or as a combination to meet the needs of the client or partner and will be applied within our two main strategies - addressing barriers to learning, and curriculum enrichment and teacher development. Within these areas of focus we provide the following services:

  • innovative Research and Development
  • Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E)
  • materials development
  • training
  • project management.

MIET Africa offers the following project management services:

  • report writing
  • proposal development
  • project planning
  • financial management and basic bookkeeping
  • administrative support
  • M&E
  • knowledge management.

MIET Africa's main focus is to support education development as well as health and socio-economic development where they impact on education, with the aim of "improving the lives of children".

MIET Africa has a track record of designing and developing high quality education and learning materials that are user-friendly, attractive and accessible. It does this through strong partnerships in materials development.

Training programmes include:

  • assessor and moderator courses
  • proposal development
  • Train-the-Trainer courses
  • HIV prevention courses
  • Peace Education (PE)
  • Inclusive Education (IE)
  • effective facilitation
  • care and support.

MIET Africa is able to provide training at all levels: for senior organizational management and leadership; middle management; and implementing staff.

MIET Africa has a track record of designing and developing high quality education and learning materials that are user-friendly, attractive and accessible. It does this through strong partnerships in materials development.

MIET Africa's materials development has focused on:

  • curriculum and teacher development
  • HIV and AIDS education
  • school-based care and support

In addition, MIET Africa develops and produces advocacy and marketing materials, assisting organisations to showcase their work. Over the past 13 years the organization has produced a wide and diverse range of excellent educational and training materials. It has a number of existing products and services that can be used “as is”, or can be repackaged and adapted.

This material includes:

  • glossy advocacy publications highlighting the impact of its large programmes
  • a range of Life Orientation text books for grades 7 to 12
  • materials focusing on: peace education; using various resources in the classroom; using newspapers in education; healthy living; support for caregivers
  • numerous HIV and AIDS publications
  • Schools as Centres of Care and Support material and toolkits
  • workshop programmes on topics ranging from Conducting a Needs Analysis, Facilitation Skills, and Advocacy Training, to Gender Sensitive Teaching
  • a practical manual on Inclusive Education
  • a support pack which provides guidelines for Ministries of Education on establishing processes and systems to mainstream care and support for teaching and learning

M&E is an important part of programme conceptualization so that from the onset, the goal, objectives, targets and indicators of success are articulated and guide implementation. When any new programme is conceptualized, M&E is built into the logical framework, in conjunction with the project team.

Data is continuously collected, analysed and fed back to the project team for formative purposes. This entails monitoring the effectiveness of implementation, the extent to which the project implementation adheres to timeframes and an assessment of the cost-efficiency of implementation.

MIET Africa also recognizes the importance of knowledge management and will offer knowledge management services such as documenting processes so that knowledge sharing and utilization is maximized.

MIET Africa's research adopts a participatory and empowering approach to ensure full understanding of the socio-political context, cultural beliefs and norms of communities. MIET Africa's research includes both thorough statistical and qualitative analyses. Research is tailored to MIET Africa's and the client's needs so that programmes are informed by empirical data and findings are generated through scientifically accepted standards for research.

Specific research and development services include:

Policy assesment and planning

  • Innovative programme conceptualization and enhancement
  • Needs Assessment
  • Developing research plans
  • Compiling outcomes-based research reports
  • Proposal development