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By: Live Monitoring  04-14-2015
Keywords: Production Monitoring Local South African company, Live Monitoring, offers three different software based platforms for condition monitoring, namely: * LiveMon - a versatile asset monitoring platform. * ProduMax - an efficiency monitoring programme. * GreenMon - an environmental monitoring platform. LiveMon is an Internet protocol-based asset monitoring platform that is extremely versatile and can be used across many applications. It offers flexibility and the fact that it can monitor and alert across such a broad spectrum of communication protocols and hardware applications, is what makes it a first choice when looking for cost effective flexible solutions. ProduMax is a manufacturing execution system that provides real time visual production information via a unified single view. It provides a settings and resolution knowledge base to keep track of issues as well as being equipped with a basic planning function to see machine loading. It is a visual performance management system that allows for easy communication of production status and issues within an organisation. ProduMax saves time and money by effectively collaborating live data that would have taken many man hours to collect manually and error reporting that allows quick corrective action. GreenMon is an extensive environmental monitoring platform which enables a company to monitor carbon and waste output against the norm – thus allowing for any adjustments needed. Live Monitoring views itself as an organisation offering solutions that put meaningful and timely information at the disposal of customers in a form and content currently not available from competitors. A customer and service oriented approach to business that aims to grow market share through helping its clients become more successful in their operations through flexible and cost effective solutions. For more information contact Kunal Hansraj, Live Monitoring, +27 (0)71 689 3772, [email protected],

Keywords: Production Monitoring

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