By: Ims Electrical  11-11-2011

BEC 23ML- PRE-PAYMENT ELECTRICITY METER The BEC 23 ML is a single phase. class 2, domestic pre-payment electricity meter with a latch disconnect. It is designed for reliability, accuracy and ease of use and is ideal in areas where limited infrastructure exists for vending tokens. lt complements the keypad range of meters where customers require a more simplified means of token entry.The meter consists of a two-part housing, comprising a standard passive wall base and the active meter. This configuration allows for the pre-installation of the wall base and supports maintenance of the meter without disconnecting the power. A user friendly interface is ensured through the large format custom designed LCD display, a visual consumption rate LED and the magnetic token slot data entry device.Although the BEC 23ML is shipped with either a 60 or 80 Amp maximum current setting. the unit can be ordered to a specific current limit, or reprogrammed in the field.Each meter has a separate security key and credit is entered into the meter using a secure 20-digit magnetic card token which, when inserted into the meter, is invalidated with a punch mechanism upon being successfully read providing immediate visual and audible user feedback. Secure data transfer takes place via an encryption algorithum included within the Standard Transfer Specification (STS) and all correctly entered tokens are registered, eliminating token fraud.Reliability and durability are enhanced as the active unit is completely sealed and all printed circuit boards are conformal-coated, providing complete protection against insects, dust and humidity.A 5kA/5kV surge arrestor provides protection against lighting and voltage surges and the meter can withstand 400 volts for a minimum period of 48 hours.