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Cafe Soft from Ilambu Technology

By: Ilambu Technology  10-16-2010
Keywords: Computer Systems


Café Soft:

Is 100 % proudly South African computer software that runs as a layer over the operating system, providing a measurable and controllable amount of access to a single pc or networked computers by means of voucher codes and pin’s.

Voucher code    

This is a one time code that gets purchased by a customer for a certain given period of time depending on the amount purchased and how ever during the use if the voucher was not finished the customer has an ability to stop the voucher and come back later to finish up the voucher before its expiry period which gets specified by the business.


 These are personal identifier numbers/codes, these codes are given to frequent customers after they have registered.

The aim of this is to create a relationship between the business and customers, these codes are changeable and they get recharged,

Any service that is on the system can be bought using both pins and vouchers provided they should have sufficient balance to cover the cost of those service(s) and both the pins and vouchers can be recharged during the time of used. 

Café Soft:

Is a resource management system especially the internet, it controls the access to the use of computers and keep track of the amount of time and bandwidth consumed by each computer, per period & per user. This means a system has an ability to specify the amount of bandwidth spent by the business per defined period of time and this gets braked down till to an amount of bandwidth spent by each user per given period.

Keywords: Computer Systems