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By: Grashyo Creations  08-31-2015
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1. Detailed Manuscript Assessment Prior to the editorial process, your appointed Editor will critically assess your manuscript’s quality with amendments. This is done due to high quality text purposes and good-read production. Note: We understand that you can pay for our services; however, professionalism is our driving force. We might send the manuscript back to you for amendments before the editorial process. 2. Protection We will register your book in your name with the National Library of South Africa. We will obtain an ISBN [International Book Standard Number] and convert it to an EAN barcode for your book 3. Editing and Copy Editing DS Publishers has a team of professionals to serve you with their best. They receive the work of the writer, edit and proofread, and then they share with the writer as to where they’ve edited and why, this improves and enhances the confidence of the writer. Due to the concern of professionalism, precision, and quality purposes; DS Publishers also edit the work for self-publishers. 4. Proof-Reading When the appointed Editor for your book is satisfied with the final draft [after communicating with you], we have a Cooling Period, where we keep the “final manuscript” away for seven business days. Thereafter, the same Editor reads it through before a different Editor Proof-reads it. 5. Book and Magazine Cover Design Preceded by typesetting/Layout is the design phase. All sizes and types of books are designed at a professional level, according to the needs of a client. Paperback, Hardback, and eBooks. 6. Black and White Book Printing DS Publishers offer the printing of paperback, hardback book printing, and e-books. Perfect bound for fiction tales, non-fiction books, poetry, memoirs, and the list is endless. The black and white book package comprises of a full colour cover, and perfect binding. 7. Full Colour book Publishing, Including Illustration You are able to publish any full colour book with DS Publishers, be it a kiddies’ book, cookbook, and family photos, etcetera. 8. E-book Publishing We create an E-Book format of your book [e-PDF] at no cost, however, there exists a fee for a kindle format. DS Publishers publishing speciality At DS Publishers we understand that each writer has his/her own special uniqueness as far as writing style is concerned. Therefore, we guarantee a professional service, yet we do not tamper with the writer’s style of writing [Soul of your Book]. Branding | Marketing | Independent Sales Understanding that the way to customers buying your products is through buying you first, Grashyo DS Publishers brands you. We do Website Design, Novelties, Logos, Banners, and etcetera. Secondly, as Grashyo Creations has a Business-To-Business division of Sales Pipeline [Grashyo SPS], we offer the same service to our interested authors at more affordable fee relative to the original. This selling strategy is the Brain Behind Sales. It is a brain so powerful that it causes you to focus only on people who are interested in your book, who want to buy your book, and who has funds to purchase your book. Moreover, this brain does your Bulk E-mail marketing for you. This brain is called Customer Relationship Management [CRM]. WE STRATEGICALLY CREATE A BUSINESS MODEL, TAILOR-MADE FOR YOU Premium Publishing Methodology You will not find this way of a publishing process anywhere in the universe, until other publishers discover it. Besides Assessing if your book is worth publishing, we have invented a unique way of our Operating Procedure.

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