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By: Genesis Articles  09-18-2012
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Professional Tax Services To Help Understand TheImplications Of The Budget

The high income earners will be subject to an increase intheir taxes. The lower income earning group is poised for the best in benefitsfollowing these changes. However, this group needs to be careful of taggedactivities that will change their taxation. This includes any monies made offthe sale from items that fall into the capital gains list, or any large stockinvestments. Appropriate professional tax services guidance will ensure thatyou are aware of what taxation applies to you.

For a figurative look at what an average taxpayer can expect– we can use the average earning bracket of R150 000 to R160 000. This taxbracket will be looking at a R685 savings per year in taxes. The lowest taxthreshold has been changed to the new limit of R63 556. This is a significantchange representing an overall saving of 72.5% from previously.

An unexpected addition is the introduction of the TaxOmbudsman put in place to assist SARS resolve the various issues affectingtaxpayers. This will especially benefit those taxpayers who cannot affordprofessional tax services. For all the changes SARS has implemented, the sheervolume of complaints that needed to be attended to had created increasedcustomer service pressures. The above introduction will therefore also aid inaddressing these constraints.

In closing perhaps a closer look at that R9.5bn individualtax saving figure is in order. This only benefits those that did not get asalary increase in 2012. The figure is a sum total calculated on the differencefrom an income that has not changed. South  more tax is payable. Even though the budget does take inflation intoaccount, the official rate of 6.2% is considerably below what most SouthAfricans experience. Even the economists who dare to speculate on the inflationfigures expected in 2013 don’t put it past 7%. There are various changes ontaxation and to appropriately understand the implications it is necessary toseek the advice of a professional tax services expert.

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