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By: Fransell  11-11-2011

For some of us walking is a pleasure which we take for granted, whether it be a simple trip to the local store to pick up the groceries, a walk in the countryside to enjoy fresh air and or just getting from the living room to the kitchen. It is only when we have difficulty walking, or can no longer walk, that we realise how essential our mobility is to our every day life. Fortunately, there are many different aids to walking available on the market now, ranging from traditional walking sticks for minimal support, to modern ergonomically designed walkers. Walking sticks can be of wood or metal manufacture. There are also folding adjustable sticks with "T" shaped handles, which are lightweight and easy to use, and fold to fit in handbag or basket. Meanwhile, for arthritis sufferers, there are special grip canes, also usually adjustable, while for those with balance problems there is an adjustable quad cane with a curved neck which places the user's weight directly over the shaft for safety. The shaped handle fits the palm, tapering for comfort of the fingers. Also handy for days out is the walking stick seat, which folds flat and clips together forming a stick, and can then be opened out into a useful little seat.

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