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By: Floors Direct  11-11-2011
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About Laminate 

Laminate flooring is an extremely durable flooring surface designed for high traffic areas and is an excellent choice for homes with children or pets. All laminate floors have an incredibly hard and durable wear layer finish, and provide better scratch and dent resistance when compared to solid hardwood floors. Laminate flooring is a very liveable flooring solution and with Floors Direct ‘s life time guarantee it is the best solution.

Laminates gives the look and feel of real wood structure.Laminate floors are a floating floor system that are not designed to be secured to the sub-floor, but actually float to adjust to the temperature and humidity levels of the interior environment. They can be installed over an existing floor, sub-floor, or even concrete but the floor has to be level.  

What Laminated Flooring Consists of

Laminated flooring is usually and imitation of wood, the imitation is simply a photo of the real product.

1.    Wear Layer:

This layer consist of a transparent aluminium oxide foil which will determine the grade or AC rating of the floor in relation to abrasion resistance.

2.    Decorative Layer: This is the imitation photo in the form of a foil or could also be printed directly onto the board, this layer or print can differ in quality and one of the most important properties is that it should be fade resistant.

3.    Core Board: The core board usually differs in thickness from 6mm to 12mm and should be made from Hi Density Fibre Board (HDF), the board gets embossed with the texture required for the floor. The thickness of the board does not necessarily determine the quality of the floor so you could get a 6mm thick board that has a better rating than a 12mm laminated floor.

4.    Backing: The backing provides stability to the board and also prevents excessive moisture being absorbed by the core board


For the full period of our guarantee, our product is guaranteed to be:

  1. Fade resistant – from sunlight or artificial light.
  2. Wear resistant – the decorative laminate will not wear through.
  3. Stain resistant – everyday spills mopped up in good time.

Our guarantee is valid for the full duration period, with no declining guarantees. Our guarantee is transferable, even if you sell your home.

In cases falling within the guarantee, FLOORS DIRECT will deliver a replacement for the damaged floor. If the flooring in question is no longer available, then the buyer can choose a replacement of equal value from the current product range. No liability is accepted for damages such as those incurred during installation, removal or transport.

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