Free Recruitment Service for Disabled Job Seekers

Free Recruitment Service for Disabled Job Seekers from First Interview Staffing

By: First Interview Staffing  01-13-2010
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Finding a job is hard work for everyone, and if you are among the mobility impaired in South Africa, then chances are, you have an even bigger hill to climb. In fact, any disability, no matter how irrelevant it may be in the workplace tends to create an enormous prejudice that can often be almost impossible to overcome – especially when you so seldom get the chance to meet prospective employers in the first place, so that they can look past your disability and see who you actually are.


So how do you get past the preconceptions and the inequity in the job arena?


Fortunately, there is a new player in the online staffing market with a system that actually makes sense.


We’re called First Interview.


In addition to uploading your CV, we ask for a brief 2-minute introductory video that we upload onto the site and is visible to all employers and recruiters. This gives you a brilliant way of showcasing yourself – think of it as your own personal commercial.


Studies have shown that employers can form opinions in a matter of seconds – which means that their opinion can be based on a positive tool (such as your interview video) just as well as by sitting opposite you for an hour in an interview. If you have the opportunity to think about, prepare for and then record a brief video, they get to ‘meet’ you, see your smile, the way you speak, and find out a little more about you. You have the perfect vehicle to put yourself in front of hundreds of employers while appearing at your very best. You record your own interview, and you can redo it as many times as it takes to get it right. All this without leaving the house. Therefore when you do get to meet the employer, they have already ‘met’ you and they like what they see.


Along with the above tools, we have also linked up a very clever Job Fit survey which digs a little deeper and will show your prospective employer how you are likely to do your job. Are you more carefree or more organised? Are you a more reserved listener or a more outgoing talker? Are you more amiable or more direct?


The benefits of using this system are enormous, and even more so for those who may have some difficulty getting around, or who are struggling with employers who may tend to set aside mobility impaired applicants without taking the time to get to know more about you.


Oh, there is one more thing.


This system is obviously free to all job seekers. Employers pay to purchase your contact details. However, candidates with disabilities will be available at no charge to employers. That’s right, nothing. No catch, no fee – which makes you more viable in terms of cost than those without a disability.


And it’s about time too!


Visit us at for more information or call 087 802 6289

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