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By: Fire Life cc  05-05-2015
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Do you know how you covered by your Insurance in case of a FIRE , please see the fire protection act below that is applicable : Fire protection at the premises must be installed, maintained and serviced in accordance with the regulations contained in the National Building Regulations or any other regulations as may be contained in the respective Emergency Services By-laws "Fire protection legislation The National Building Regulations are promulgated in terms of the National Building Regulations Act 103 of 1977 (the Act). The commencement date of the Act was on 1 September 1985. The Act and regulations have subsequently been amended on a number of occasions. If a building was built prior to the regulations being promulgated, it is important to note that any building must have a certificate of occupancy issued upon it when people are working in or staying in a particular building. The certificate of occupancy specifically addresses the “fire prevention status” of the building. There is a misconception that buildings built prior to 1985 do not need to comply with fire equipment. For example, even the Union building completed in 1913 has to comply with fire regulations that is enforceable under the National Heritage Resources Act. Requirements of the regulations Part T of the Regulations deals with fire protection. Regulation T1(1)(a) states that as a general requirement, any building shall be so designed, constructed and equipped that in a case of a fire the protection of occupants or users therein is ensured. Regulation T1(1)) (e) specifically requires that, “adequate means of access and equipment for detecting, fighting, controlling and extinguishing such a fire, is provided.” These requirements are deemed to be satisfied where the design, construction and equipment of any building comply with South African National Standards (SANS) 10400-T. In any rational design intended to satisfy regulation T1 it is necessary to make adequate provision to satisfy the following aspects: a) It must be possible for persons to escape easily, rapidly and safely from the building. b) All reasonable precautions must be taken to prevent the spread of fire, within any building or from one building to another. This can be achieved by use of division, occupancy and tenancy separating walls and the provision of adequate fire-fighting equipment and by sufficient separation distance between buildings. c) In any fire, smoke is probably the greatest danger to life and it is therefore essential that attention be given to means of smoke control and dispersal. d) An important aspect in the protection of both life and property is the provision of suitable and sufficient fire fighting equipment." Thanks Catch us on our following addition of Fire Life Tabloid

Keywords: Building Insurance, Home Insurance

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