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By: Energi  11-11-2011
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By harnessing the collective expertise of psychologists, dieticians, social workers, biokineticists, doctors and recognised experts in the wellness sector, Energi is able to offer a unique, customisable solution for the healthy development of your organisation.

Energi provides products and services to the following sectors:



can provide your organisation with a comprehensive, integrated health management programme that ensures that each employee realises their health potential and performs optimally. Optimal performance in the workplace has a significant impact on the company's bottom line, and this is objectively measured and demonstrated. Customised programmes to meet your budget and needs draw on an extensive range of health management services:

  • Health risk assessments (HRA's)
  • Executive Wellness Assessments
  • Behavioural Profiling
  • Wellness Programmes and Campaigns
  • Organisational Health Surveys and Consulting
  • Health Coaching
  • Wellness Days

Healthcare Funders

Energi utilises its unique ability to effectively profile individual members to ensure that any recommended health management intervention has the greatest likelihood of effecting positive and lasting behavioural change, resulting in reduced healthcare expenditure. Using an innovative Risk Triage Model, the risk of a medical scheme is stratified, and interventions customised to the needs of each sub-group, thus ensuring the greatest return on investment for the funder. The impact of the programmes is monitored and reported on at different levels.

Customised programmes to meet your budget and needs draw on an extensive range of health management services:

  • Health risk assessments (HRA's)
  • Retrospective claims analysis
  • Wellness Programmes and Campaigns
  • Educational material
  • Organisational Health Surveys and Consulting
  • Health Coaching
  • Wellness Days
  • Data mining, analysis and reporting on integrated datasets

Integrated Wellness Programme for companies and healthcare funders

Energi has a commercial alliance with Afriforte (Pty) Ltd, the commercial arm of the Workwell Research Unit of the North-West University. The AfriForte-Energi integrated Wellness programme is built on a system that assesses and monitors the health risk of a population, turning information into business intelligence that empowers financiers (employers and funders) to make the correct decisions regarding the interventions required to manage the health status (risk) of that population to the benefit of all stakeholders (the individual, medical aid scheme, employer, and insurer).

Using the South African Employee Health and Wellness Survey, together with various recommended health management programmes, data is collected on organisational health, occupational health, employee health risks, healthcare claims, absenteeism, presenteeism, disability and executive health. This data is collated, integrated, analysed and reported on, allowing efficient outcomes measurement, risk prediction and risk control for the company.

This sophisticated programme focuses on 7 key success factors related to employer-based health management, namely:

  • Integrating all health management programmes into the organisations operations
  • Simultaneously addressing individual, environmental, organisational, policy and cultural factors affecting the health of employees
  • Targeting a broad range of relevant health issues
  • Tailoring programmes to address specific needs
  • Attaining high participation rates
  • Rigorously evaluating programmes
  • Communicating successful outcomes to key stakeholders

Sporting bodies

Sports Healthcare Consulting to professional sports outfits
Utilising its network of experienced medical professionals, Energi has the infrastructure and expertise to set up and manage a comprehensive healthcare management facility for professional sporting bodies throughout South Africa. At present this service is provided to The Sharks (Pty) Ltd, the Amazulu Soccer Team and the KZNRU.

This consulting arm also facilitates the provision of comprehensive medical cover at sporting events.
SharkSmart Injury prevention and Performance Programme
Discovery SharkSmart, a comprehensive rugby injury prevention and performance programme based on New Zealand ACC’s Rugby Smart Programme, is aimed at school and club players in kwa-Zulu Natal.

Our mission is to make participation in the sport of rugby safer and more fun at all levels.

Discovery SharkSmart aims:

  • To assist in the reduction of rugby-related injuries by educating players, and supporting parents, referees and coaches.
  • To improve the performance and enjoyment of all players at all levels.
  • To introduce “The Science” of rugby and injury prevention at an early age.

What are the Benefits of Discovery SharkSmart?

  • Visit to view the Ten Point Injury Prevention Plan. View interesting articles by sports medicine practitioners, biokineticists, physiotherapists, dieticians and coaches.
  • We will arrange presentations on topics such as Injury Prevention, Mental Toughness and Nutrition at schools and clubs.
  • We have a series of posters on injury prevention available for use in first aid rooms.
  • Visits to The Discovery SharkSmart Centre to watch the game are arranged for school groups on match days at The ABSA Stadium. Special appearances are made by Sharky and a Sharks Player.
  • Join our electronic Discovery SharkSmart Programme – regular e-mail newsletters are distributed via our SharkSmart database.
  • Articles related to Injury Prevention and Performance appear regularly in The Sharks Magazine and on MNet’s Shark Bite.
  • In conjunction with Spine Line, we sponsor trauma boards for school first aid rooms.

The Energi High Performance Programme for professional and serious amateur sports persons

Sports and Performance Enhancement Centre:

Elite and professional sports has become more and more developed over the years and without a holistic approach to training and performance enhancement it is very difficult to survive in the sports world.

There is a need for elite athletes to have access to services that provide them with the necessary skills that will allow them to reach their maximum potential in their sport.


  • to enhance the necessary skills for competing at an athletic elite level
  • to educate athletes about sports medicine, injury prevention, strength & fitness, nutrition and sport psychology
  • to provide a structured and professional program with specialists in each field
  • to enhance athletic performance and enjoyment of sport


Pupil Wellbeing Survey

Conducted anonymously and by the pupils themselves, the Pupil Wellbeing Survey quantifies various risk behaviours within an adolescent population. This allows identification of risk areas within the school, and tracking of these over time to show the impact of interventions recommended and implemented.

School Wellness and High Performance Programme

The development of a healthy lifestyle at an early age can provide the foundation for a lifetime of healthy living. Adolescent health has come increasingly under the spotlight and is vital to superior performance both on the sports field and in the classroom.

Energi has taken the bold step to pioneer a comprehensive wellness programme that touches the lives of each pupil enrolled. Encompassing a general wellness component and high performance programme, the wellness initiative brings together key role players to ensure that pupils operate at optimal performance.

Keywords: Employee Health, Health Coaching, Health Management, Health Risk Assessments, Organisational Health, School, Sports