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By: Deo Gloria  11-11-2011

Homosexuality & The Bible Course Live Teaching Video Pack

Through this course, you will discover the heart of God’s Word being exposed and correctly divided, as you allow the Bible to speak for itself. The Bible is meant to set us free, not bind us up.

Also, get to hear people's real stories being shared, of how they came to know and experience God's love for them as Christians who happen to be gay or lesbian.

It’s all about dialogue, not debate. In reality, the debate is already over. Discover how dialogue brings about change, as we engage one another with love and mutual respect.

You can own the entire HATBC DVD set, consisting of 6 DVDs with over 10 hours of teaching, for the amazing price of onlyR150!(excludes postage)

Know the Truth of God’s Word - it will set you free.

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From the Pastor | Deo Gloria Family Church

He kept it real, he was himself, and in the power of the Holy Spirit, He broke the chains of injustice & hopelessness, & brought people to freedom and into liberty. It is simply hearing what Jesus said to the church at Ephesus, in the book of Revelation, where he told them that they had forgotten their first love.