Anger management

By: Coaching with NLP  02-08-2013
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Anger management courses are jumping up everywhere. Why is that? Why are people so angry? Anger is a naturally occurring emotion and can be caused by internal and external factors. Internal factors include things like events that happened in your past that still have an emotional effect on you. External circumstances could be things like road rage because somebody pulled in front of you or the boss giving you a hard time. Stress can also cause people to get angry.

Anger management is not about never getting angry, nor is it about holding your frustration inside and not venting it. Anger is a negative emotion and it can have serious negative effects on our health. Heart attacks, strokes and even cancer can be caused by anger. Not to mention what it can do to relationships or your career.

So we know what anger is as we have all experienced it. We know how and why we as individuals experience anger, but how can we stop or control it? Well, there are a number of things you can do to work on your anger management. We start with letting go of anger of the past, before we look at dealing with other techniques. We do this with a process called . Time Line Therapy® is a process of active imagination, by which we let go of negative emotions and limiting decisions, among other things. Many people who are angry have had anger from a very young age and tend to hold on to that negative emotion. This in turn causes them to be angrier about other events in the present and the future. Many of our clients have said that once they let go of the anger of the past, they felt lighter. As if a weight had been lifted from their shoulders. How would you feel if you let go of your anger?

Once you have let go of the anger in your past, you can learn techniques of understanding and dealing with situations and anger in the future. Don’t let anger control and ruin your life. Help with anger management can help you get your life back. Take charge of your emotions and be in control of how you react and feel.

Imagine how much better and calmer you would feel. Imagine how much nicer you would be to be around for your family and friends.

Keywords: Anger Management, Life Coach, Life Coaching, Personal Coaching

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