By: Btec  11-11-2011
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SAP Technical Consulting (Basis)

This is probably one of the most challenging and ‘delicate’ areas of your business. Our understanding and approach to Technical Consulting is somewhat different to traditional IT companies. For starters our Technical expertise incorporates:

sound business knowledge

understanding Integration issues

understanding SAP products and offerings

understanding Networking (LAN and WAN)

experience across a spectrum of SAP projects

experience across a spectrum of Databases and Operating systems

technical project management

SAP Consultants certification

We will deliver the following:

Assistance with Initial ‘spec’ work and hardware sizing

Drawing up of Technical project plans, with all deliverables taken into account

A holistic approach to your overall IT landscape, taking into account your new systems, current systems, and future capacity planning

At ground roots level, we will build, configure, tune and maintain your systems

We pay great attention to Data Integrity. To this end, we are stringent in the way Backups and DRP (Disaster Recovery Planning)plans are managed

Detailed documentation for you the customer, offering a past, present and future view of your technical landscape. This allows for effective planning in terms of resourcing, budget management and overall stability and control

Knowledge transfer is paramount. We believe in empowering you the customer, to understand and manage your environment, going into the future

SAP Security Consulting (Authorisations)

Our approach to Security might well be seen by others as extreme, however, we believe in properly tying up all areas of your landscape, which could potentially expose you to risk. A comprehensive Security policy is the starting point. This is a crucial document, which must be easy to read and easy to understand. At the same time though, it must be detailed, covering all aspects of your environment. Our Authorisation expertise incorporates:

sound business knowledge

sound business knowledge

experience across a spectrum of SAP projects

Security from an SAP, and general IT perspective

SAP Consultants certification

We will deliver the following:

Proper planning, design, build and test scenario. An SAP proven success mechanism

Management of the Security function from start to completion

Proper process management from a Security perspective

Detailed documentation for you the customer to better manage your environment

Proper segregation of duties

Knowledge transfer to you the customer, empowering you into the future

SAP OCM (Organizational Change Management)

Within SAP one the key areas that determines the failure or success of projects is the OCM work stream. This deals with the organizational and workforce issues of SAP (getting the organization to embrace SAP, getting end-users to adopt and utilize the system, etc.). After all, it doesn't matter how smooth the SAP implementation is, if ultimately end-users do not embrace and use the system.

With our OCM experience, we guide you seamlessly through the process, ensuring that your company is not just ready for the change, but waiting and willing to assist.

To successfully migrate onto a new system, there must be the correct undertones. An air of enthusiasm and positive energy will exist when you engage us to manage the OCM function. Over and above the successful delivery of your project, this positivity will exist and bear results long after the project team has left your site.

Development and Delivery of IT and Soft skills courses

Your most precious company assets are your people. Equip them with the proper knowledge and empower them to achieve their fullest potential. Watch them fly, and while you are doing that, keep an eye on your rising profits.

‘IT’ all starts with a plan. We will evaluate the dynamics of your company, your situation, map out all your considerations, and build from there.

We will develop and execute your training courses, built and customized for your specific needs.

Contractual Resourcing

If your requirement is a contractual resource, contact us. We have established a range of experienced contractual contractors who we can call on. If your resource is not available, we will try our best to source a suitable person, you are absolved of advertisements, interviews, background checks etc. We will do the legwork.

Outsourcing of IT environments

We can manage your IT environment in totality. From your Network, Hardware, Software, Helpdesk, End user support, Licensing, and other issues, we will take care of it. As with everything else, we will conduct a comprehensive exercise based on your company dynamics, and tailor make a solution to suit you.

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