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By: Alcocks's Services Group  08-16-2010
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The Alcock’s Pest Control Division is dedicated to Service and Maintenance of all commercial and industrial premises. This is providing a structural pest control managed service in compliance with most good management practices and protocols in all industry.   Most establishments are required to have these practices in place but our objective is also to educate people to the health and safety benefits of having standards set.

We will educate and advise on the best implementation for removing the source of pests that breed and invading our spaces. Insects are the only organisms that are giving man a real battle for Supremacy and have the ability to reproduce under the most inherent conditions. Consideration of factors to limit this reproduction is the key to effective pest management.

The more effective means to pesticide control is to educate on good sanitisation measures. Of course this means that we need the unconditional cooperation of the client and their staff to make this a successful program.

We undertake to report on bad sanitisation, ineffective storing conditions, leaking taps and pipes and broken or blocked drains, unhygienic garbage areas and defective garbage disposal …these are a few examples of factors beyond our direct control, and are the hazards that can jeopardise a successful Pest Managed Programme. 

The target Pests in a structural contracts are for Cockroach /Insect and Rodent control specifically. These are the most important pests to eradicate because they harbour many communicable diseases and organisms that are harmful to man.

Monitor boards, pheromones based product, electric fly killers and the latest in tamperproof bait stations for both internal and external solutions are used. Pest control is not random spraying of chemicals. The preparation of Pest Control Program would be thoroughly researched and assessed to the latest technolological standards before implementation.   

Firstly a fully trained and experienced consultant will survey the premises and make a detailed report on the situation to each matter. Then he will make recommendation and offer treatment and control measures. Treatment and Control will usually involve pesticide treatment. Advice on sanitation measures is also a standard operating process. A good sanitary environment mean no place for bacteria build up and less food source for Pests/Insects and Rodents

Our teams are registered and our operators are all highly trained individuals and are accompanied by assistants currently in training. All chemicals are registered under Act 36 of 1947 and conform to the specifications of the Department of Agriculture and are SABS approved.  Each are members of the (SAPCA) South African Pest control Association and carries a PCO number. Further to, the company is registered with the Pest Control Service Industries Board (PCSIB). This is of importance to the various audits required in industry.

Once the technical aspects are acceptable and an agreement is entered into, our office programmer will schedule and pre-book visits for our operators with an authorised person. We also provide a file to each client with relevant details to the levels of service, schedules, maps, chemical hazard data specs, contact persons, sighting charts and various other details. This is in line with expectations for HAACP and ISSO requirements for the various audits that many companies have in the commercial and Industrial areas.

These documents are to be made accessible to the operator on each visit.  He will update and fill in the details of his finding and attend to queries entered into the log. Finally a service report will be signed off in confirmation of services rendered.

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