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  Why should I enrol my child at Gaea?
Not every child is suited to the current methods of mainstream schooling. Big classes, disinterested teachers and bullying on the playground have all become a daily part of a child’s school life.  It has been estimated that out of a one hour lesson, only 15 – 20 minutes are spent in actual teaching and learning, The rest of the time is spent in disciplining and controlling the class. The current school system is still based on the industrial factory school system of 250 years ago, with children sitting in rows at desks for long hours at a time, listening to the teacher. This is a predominantly left-brained, audial system, and is clearly unsuitable for most of today’s right-brained children, and also for children who prefer different styles of learning. Children with learning disabilities such as dyslexia are largely ignored, and gifted children are labelled disruptive and drugged into obedience with the ubiquitous Ritalin.  
How is Gaea different?
Gaea is a school which allows children to: ·         Move around freely when they need to. ·         Sit  where and how they are comfortable. ·         Learn according to their preferred learning style ·         Interact with children both older and younger ( a real-life scenario) ·         Develop independent thinking. ·         Learn self-management and self-discipline.  
What Curriculum does Gaea follow?
Children are taught the current government curriculum, as many students return to mainstream schooling to write the National Senior Certificate. The difference is in the way the curriculum is taught. ·         Textbooks are used, not by the teacher alone, but by the students. ·         Term planners are provided.
Lessons are never taught in isolation, so students can clearly see how much and what has to be learned for each term, and the connection between subjects becomes evident. ·         Term planners also assist students to make time management decisions for themselves. ·         Extra pictures and printouts in colour enhance lessons and make them more interesting. ·         One-on-one teaching is done for new concepts. ·         Summarising techniques are taught with the lesson information, so they are immediately relevant. ·         Timetables are flexible, allowing for students to rearrange lessons if they wish. ·         Deadlines are set for work to be completed, allowing students to manage their time efficiently. ·         Extension is always available for faster students or those who are gifted in a particular area. ·         The curriculum is adjusted for those with learning difficulties.
 What are the benefits of learning at Gaea? ·    
     A more realistic evaluation of the child’s abilities ·         Self-remediation ·         Improved self-esteem ·         Better social skills ·         A broader understanding of academic subjects ·         Improved reading and writing skills ·         Training in study skills ·         A more thorough and realistic preparation for life outside the classroom.

Keywords: High School, individual teaching, Private Education,

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