2014 IT Trends in Legal Firms

2014 IT Trends in Legal Firms from VM Consulting

By: VM Consulting  01-15-2014
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Durban, South Africa- 23rd December 2013 With the continued evolution of technology, the operating models of an organization will play a huge part in helping organizations achieve their goals moving forward into 2014. Placing focus not only on efficiency, but on effectiveness of the organization as well. “Our team at VM Consulting, have been working closely with the Legal Sector for many years and are often called upon not only as software solution providers, but also as advisors in aligning technology to the organization’s overall strategic goals. We are assisting Firms on their transformation journeys, to become streamlined, competitive and efficient organizations that are ready for business growth”, commented Vanessa Miller, Managing Director at VM Consulting. VM Consulting’s vision of technology trends for 2014 in the legal sector are as follows : - Mobility Mobility is a common trend across all industry types, and the legal sector is no exception. Legal practitioners are spending more time away from the office, and need to have access to not only their emails on smart phones or tablets, but also their documents, processes and business applications. - Security Firms are looking for new ways to add levels of security to the case and matters files they are working on. Firms are starting to open up their environments to allow remote users and even customers access to their solutions, and before doing this they need to focus on security. - Collaboration Working together smarter, is the motto for many Firms for 2014 and collaborating on matters across Firms is now a necessity in many cases. The need for secure tools for a party to upload documents and add their comments is increasing. - Time Billing Firms are looking for easier and better ways of allocating time, billing and disbursements to case files.  - Knowledge retention This is an ongoing concern and many Firms understand they have a knowledge gap. Firms need to retain Firm knowledge in a structured environment for the longevity of the Firm.  - 360 degree view of the Client With many Clients retaining the Firm on multiple matters, the ability to see a complete 360 degree view of the Client, all their related matters, business processes, billing and contacts is key to competing is this very competitive industry. Embracing changed for a nimble and secure organization, and extending individual focus beyond “law” to “effective legal work” is the future of 2014. VM Consulting Through a powerful combination of technology, people and methodology, VM Consulting deliver leading DMS and BPM solutions to businesses across South Africa and Africa. VM Consulting are the Master Distributors for Appian BPM Suite and M-Files DMS Solutions.

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