Commercial Water Ionizers

By: Earthtrade Water  11-11-2011

Factors that determine the proper equipment for commercial applications include:

  • Reliability:
    1. Quality, long term trouble free operation
    2. Properties of water produced, consistent pH and -ORP
  • Ease of use: Total automation (As with any equipment, periodic monitoring is recommended)
  • Durability: Able to stand up to adverse conditions such as dust and high humidity
  • Cost effectiveness: Initial capital cost, operating costs, replacement parts cost
  • Warranty and Servicing: Backed by the manufacturer
  • Ability for user to replace components: Electrodes and membrane easily changed out by user


Commercial usage, 1,000 - 4,000 liters per hour, Water bottlers, Dairy, Beef, Equine, Poultry, Swine


These units are extremely heavy duty when compared to units manufactured in Japan. These units are also much more cost effective in terms of electrode and membrane replacement, i.e. electrode / membrane replacement cost for Japanese assembled unit is over $4,000.00usd and have the same life expectancy.

Units must have prefiltration equipment installed to ensure longevity and trouble free operation. It is recommended that source water is tested to ensure there is not a problem with chemical contamination such as nitrates. Total Hardness is the most common problem due to calcium and magnesium deposits that are naturally dissolved from the soil into water supplies. The Water Quality Association considers water to be "hard" when levels exceed one grain per gallon. To provide the public with a feel for the severity of the problem, the United States Geological Survey developed the following graphic showing Total Hardness levels throughout the US . The red areas on the map indicate levels from 181-250 ppm! pH and ORP may vary based on bottling source and materials used. We make no claims on final product in relation to pH or ORP.


Model CE-1000L CE-2000L CE-3000L
Ionized Water Production Continuous flow
Electrical Specifications 110V, 1000W 110V, 1500W 110V, 2000W
Overall Dimensions (mm) 700(w) x 560(d) x 1100(h)mm / 27.5(w) x 22(d) x 43.3(h) in
Unit Weight Approx. 150 kg / 330 lbs
Flow rate Through Unit > 16 L/min / 4.2 gpm > 32 L/min / 8.4 gpm > 48 L/min / 12.6 gpm
pH Levels* Alkaline 7.5-10; Acid 4.5-7 *
ORP Levels* Alkaline -200mV ~ -500mV *
Electrolyzed enhancer N/A
Electrode Materials Platinum Coated Titanium
Electrode Cleaning Cycle Auto Cleaning
# of Electrode tank(s) 1 pcs 2 pcs 3 pcs
Electrode Life Average 2500 Hours of Electrolyzing *
Protection (Auto shut off) on Low/High Water Pressure, Overheat
Options Mineral Injection System *** Auto Float System (shus system on/off when filling tanks)
Required Water Source Municipal or Well source
Environment Temperature Limits 5 - 40 °C / 41 - 104 °F
Environment Humidity Limits < 85%
Water TDS Tolerances 150 - 500
Warranty 12 Months Parts (Not for Consumable Parts)
Optional Auto Float Shutoff Auto Float Shutoff Auto Float Shutoff
Price List: $27,990
Distributor Price $19,990
List: $39,900
Distributor Price $34,990
List: $71,700
Distributor Price $49,990

* Results may vary due to uniqueness of the source water.

** Price does not include optional items or shipping.

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