Therapeutic Reflexology for Pain Relief and Relaxation

By: Bodhi Chi Wellness  03-18-2015
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*Reflexology is the fastest growing Alternative Therapy according to the World Health Organization* Reflexology is an ancient healing practice as old as acupuncture. It is believed that there are reflex points on the feet that connect to organs, glands and systems in the body. Working on these reflexes helps to open up the meridians (the energy channels connecting glands, organs and systems). Clearing these pathways is done by releasing any toxins that may be causing energy blockages, thus detoxing the body. Sluggish glands and organs are stimulated to allow them to return to a state of homeostasis (balance), so that they can perform optimally once more. This activates the bodies natural healing abilities to speed up any healing that may be required. Reflexology Benefits: 1) Relaxation 2) Stress Release 3) Ease pain 4) Post-operative recovery 5) Speeds up healing in sports injuries And much more..... Most importantly, massaging these reflex areas helps to increase nerve blood supply and oxygen which plays a vital role in health. Treat yourself to a Reflexology foot massage today! Call me and book a session.

Keywords: Alternative Therapy, Massage Services, Massage Therapy, Pain Relief, Post-operative Healing, Reflexology Massage, Relaxation, Sports Injury Recovery,

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