Why rowing is good for business

By: Oarsome Outcomes  02-01-2012
Keywords: Business, Team Building, Rowing

Why Rowing is good for Business

1.    Social Cohesiveness

In a rowing boat there are eight disparate individuals who may be from vastly different social backgrounds and who may not even like each other very much. The same situation is present in the workplace more often than not, and in order for the business to work, these disparate individuals need to be made into a cohesive whole. When the team is cohesive it feels as though you have the power of everyone at your command. Rowing results in this social cohesiveness, and whilst this is, in itself, no guarantee of success, it will allow you to get the best out of each individual and make success more likely.

A rowing boat mirrors the workplace perfectly – whilst the crew members are individuals who have their own ideas about the best way to proceed, each individual has to subjugate his own ideas for the common good. At work there are often clashes; personality differences; or one person may feel he or she is more “important” than the rest, that his role is more crucial to the success of the enterprise than that of others; but we know that all the members of a workforce are equally valuable in ensuring the smooth running of the business and its ultimate success.  No one member of a rowing crew is more important than another, and rowing proves that individual performance is only meaningful in the context of the team. Unless the team works together in complete unison and harmony the boat will go precisely nowhere. As the Swahili proverb puts it “The boat will not go forward if each pulls his own way.”

Rowing perfectly demonstrates the value of each team member’s effort towards the good of a bigger whole. Team Building with Oarsome Outcomes will make your team work better together and your “boat” will move forward. 

Keywords: Business, Rowing, Team Building