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By: Unisource  11-11-2011

If you are a small to medium-size (SME) make-to-order or contract manufacturer in search of improved efficiency on the shop-floor, and want a Production Management and Planning solution that offers:

  • a flexible shop floor management system that allows you to manage the challenges your customers throw at you every day ;
  • automation of your operation to accommodate growth and demanding customers ;
  • a fully integrated solution with the back-office accounting

Then our ShopFloor Manager management and planning software is ideal for you. As your needs change and your business grows, this software will provide the required flexibility and capabilities.

ShopFloor Interfaces with your Existing Accounts Package
ShopFloor Manager is a flexible, scalable and intelligent production planning and control system offering advanced functionality and value in the key areas of manufacturing and assembly. Though ShopFloor Manager has been designed primarily to interface with the locally developed Accounting and ERP package – Pastel Evolution ERP – the Business-2-Business module permits ShopFloor Manager to interface with all of the best accounts packages, protecting investment in these systems.

Job-Card Trekker
By copying existing quotes and/or jobs, ShopFloor Manager permits job capturing without rekeying data and creates a job-card-trekker to manage and travel/ trek with the job as it moves from work-centre to work-centre (operation).
Control your purchasing with our integrated processes that consolidate and generate automatic purchase orders in your ERP system, helping to streamline your material procurement.

Track Labour Costs
Track the labour for each job operation (work-centre) and review costing reports to make sure each job is profitable. Business intelligence reports identify ‘loss’ jobs early to allow for corrective action. Tracking job operations on the shop floor in real-time renders factual information on costs and eliminates manual data entry.

Shop Floor Alerts 
Notifications via e-mail or SMS can be configured to alert management on events requiring attention on the shop floor such as quotations awaiting approval, jobs running late, etc.

Final Cost Reviews
ShopFloor Manager offers powerful job costing analysis tools for both work-in-progress and completed jobs, comparing labour and material estimates against actual hours worked and material costs. By monitoring the progress of jobs on the shop floor during the fabrication/manufacturing process, problems can be spotted before they get out of hand.

Feature Summary

  • Estimate History
  • Labour and Material Costs
  • Multi-Level Assembly Costing
  • BOM Listing
  • Auto-Created Purchase Orders
  • Shop Floor Job Tracking
  • Job-Card Trekker
  • Job Costing Analysis

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