Moving Children in the Middle of the School Year

Moving Children in the Middle of the School Year from African Furniture Removals

By: African Furniture Removals  10-09-2013
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If you are moving your children away from their school, friends, and sports teams or dance classes, you can expect there to be some resistance. Obviously, they are not going to want to leave, but give them some time in the new location and they will come around. Some say that it is best to move in the summer, so there is no effect on school work. However, then they will be bored in a new city where they have no friends, waiting for school to begin. Moving during the school year may seem like it would be harder, but it actually allows them to keep their same routine and make new friends quickly. This does not mean you will not still deal with tears or an attitude though. Talk to the School Administration The goal is for this transfer to take place as smoothly as possible. Your child’s new teachers should be aware of a new student arrival. Talk to them about any special needs or academic challenges your child has. Find out what extracurricular activities the school has available that may be similar to what he or she is involved in new. Is it possible to get involved with these programs in the middle of the school year? Tell Children Sooner than Later If you are thinking about waiting until the last minute to tell them about the move so they don’t have time to drive you crazy, you will be making a huge mistake. Talk to your children about the move as soon as possible. Let them be angry and sad, and give them time to adjust to the idea. Give them the opportunity to talk about their feelings. It is not fair to tell them you are moving, and that’s the end of the discussion. Encourage Involvement Children often have an easier time accepting such a dramatic change if they feel as though they are part of it. Talk to them about school activities, dance studios, hockey leagues, etc., in the new area. Ask them how they want their new room decorated. Make plans to visit some of the attractions once you are settled. Allow them to help with packing too. Keep on Top of School Work Some kids may lose interest in their classes. They feel that since they are leaving soon they do not have to try to make a good impression anymore. They might not even care about their grades. Now is the time to stay on top of them. Make sure they are doing their homework and studying for tests. Keep in Touch The last thing you want to do is tell your child they will make new friends and forget all about the old ones. Why should they forget the old ones? These are people who are a big part of your child’s life. There is absolutely no reason why they have to say goodbye to them for good. With today’s technology, it is pretty much effortless to keep in touch. Maybe a few friends can visit over the summer holiday. Encourage them to make new friends while also helping them hold on to the friendships they already have.

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