Money Me! Financial Empowerment is a Learned Skill

Money Me! Financial Empowerment is a Learned Skill from Coaching Me! Live

By: Coaching Me! Live  07-23-2009
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At a time when 42% of all credit account holders are in 'distress', the cut-back from your customers is not the only factor effecting your bottom line. A recent Gallup Poll notes that 58% of adults questioned were 'struggling.' The effects of stress in your department are diverse: Absenteeism through illness and family obligations is the smallest issue. De-motivation, scattered thoughts, low self esteem and diminished ambition have catastrophic consequences!

Financial Empowerment is seldom taught. At this time when escalating fuel, food and electricity costs are accompanied by the worst economic downturn in 30 years, most employees do not have the skills necessary to counteract the tidal wave of financial oppression facing them. Overwhelmed by financial commitments, they often turn to gambling, alcohol and indiscriminate spending to try and 'feel' better. This behavior only makes the situation worse and low esteem and self worth are the results - factors that have a DIRECT bearing on their attitude and service to your customers.



                Financial Empowerment is a Learned Life Skill

  • 2 ½ Hour Workshop Seminar Conducted at your premises or as a Conference Addition

  • Down to Earth and Engaging style relevant to all audiences.

  • More than a "You Must Save 10% towards Retirement" Seminar...

  • This is GUARANTEED to seed phenomenal change in a team!

    • What is BLOCKING your income?

    • Spot your Spending Weaknesses.

    • Clarify your Money Earning STRENGTHS!

    • Clear and PRECISE means to GET OUT of DEBT and EARN MORE.

    COST: R 395.00 per person

    Excluding VAT. Minimum numbers apply.

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