Biometric Employee Punch Clock ver.40

Biometric Employee Punch Clock ver.40 from Bioclock Systems

By: Bioclock Systems   11-08-2010
Keywords: Fingerprint, Time Clocks, Time Clock

  • Avoid "Buddy Punching". Fingerprint authentication makes virtually impossible to perform time theft. Our solution will save you money permanently!

  • No more paper. Avoid the hassle of auditing paper based time cards.

  • Improve punctuality. You will always know who is on time and who is late.

  • Quick an easy set up. Connect the fingerprint reader to any USB port of your Windows PC machine. No complicated software!

  • Integrates with QuickBooks®. Import/Export information directly to QuickBooks® and eliminate double data entry.

* * R3499 incl Vat * * (Installtion can be arranged!)

Keywords: Fingerprint, Punch Clock, Time Clock, Time Clock Software, Time Clocks