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By: Careline Crisis  11-11-2011
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“Sometimes our light goes out,

but is blown into flame by another human being.

Each of us owes deepest thanks to those who have rekindled this light”

Albert Schweitzer

It is universally accepted that when people who have been seriously traumatized are provided support immediately after events, that their recovery is far more effectively achieved, as well as much quicker, than when too much time elapses after the event. Shifting their attention (paradigm) from the despair of the moment, to hope, makes all the difference. It is with this motivation in mind that these crisis teams were established that are now bringing much relief from suffering, as well as restoration.

Team members attend scenes of crisis such as murder, rape, domestic violence, suicide, hi-jacking, child and adult abuse, drug or alcohol abuse, etc., to provide support.

The members, all volunteers, operate on a 24 hour call-out basis. They are either called by the police, security companies or the public. They provide emotional and practical support to victims and their families.

The people who operate in these teams are passionate volunteers who work under difficult circumstances at all hours of day and night. They deserve all the support they can get in providing this service which is only made possible with an infrastructure which costs a lot to run. The support provided through them also includes costs incurred not only in petrol but also by way of medical expenses, food or whatever victims may require during the crisis period. Such work and sacrifices are not motivated by monetary gain, but for the love of people who are hurting.

Typical case studies

Murder A man is brutally murdered in his home at 03:00 hrs by intruders. The police attending the scene call out our crisis members to deal with the emotional and psychological trauma. When the two team members arrive, one supports the wife while the other gives attention to the three children in the home. During the long and painful process that follows, the crisis team makes tea, makes any important phone calls or whatever tasks are necessary. The team stays until the hearse takes the body away. The victims are only left when they are in a satisfactory state. The Careline Crisis and Trauma Centre personnel follow up the family after the incident until stability is achieved.

Domestic Violence

At 12:30 hrs, a security company is called to a domestic violence case. They in turn notify our centre of the incident. Our team members proceed to the given address and meet the security company reaction members who neutralize the danger. Our crisis team workers then commence with dialogue with the husband of the household who has been beating his wife, in an attempt to calm the threatening mood. One of the crisis workers does this while the other calms the two small children who at this time are petrified. After some time in trying to secure peace, it is decided with the confirmation of the wife that she be removed with her children from her home until their safety can be assured. The crisis team takes them to the Careline Bridging Home where they are cared for. Unfortunately after all efforts are made to achieve reconciliation through family counseling sessions with the husband and wife, it is established that the wife and her children will have to remain at the home until they are able to re-establish their lives.

Drug Abuse

The Careline crisis team members are called by the police to assist at a private home where a teenage male is out of control and breaking furniture. It is soon suspected when arriving at the scene that chemical abuse is one of the causes of the turmoil. The crisis members call out a medic who assists in stabilizing the boy. The crisis members then accompany the family with their son to a local hospital where the boy is admitted. The family receives advice regarding a solution to the problem and is referred to the Careline Crisis and Trauma Centre offices for further guidance. On being discharged from the hospital, the boy is admitted to the Careline Bridging Home to complete a recovery program.

The Help Desk

Formed to assist and work with a welfare department stretched to deal with ever increasing social problems, especially those handled by the Careline centre.

Run by excited and committed people with a tireless aim of relieving suffering by providing as quick as possible direction to those in crisis.

Its purpose is to help guide people with all types of crisis toward a source of help either within the Careline Crisis and Trauma Centre services or towards other external facilities. Our centre believes in team work and is widely networked with organizations and professionals seeking the best solution for those in need. We do not impose our methods of care for the sake of reputation.

Our data base and experience gained helps us to provide qualified guidance to people, whether they can afford it or not. We are dedicated to our beneficiaries whatever their religion, nationality or political persuasion.

Typical case studies

Abandoned Baby Girl A family from a different area to where our centre is situated reports a baby abandoned in the street. We fetch the baby and take to our centre where it is cared for until a suitable placement is made. We arrange for medical testing as well as legal procedures.

Suspected sexual abuse by a neighbor A concerned neighbor hesitatingly reports his concern that a young girl is being sexually abused by her stepfather. Our office refers the case to the director of the centre who arranges for the necessary welfare department to investigate. There is found to be evidence of the suspicion and the necessary steps are then taken. In the process the family is referred to the Careline Crisis and Trauma Centre to be included in a support program to facilitate the necessary healing process.

Young male aimlessly roaming the streets A community member reports to the Careline Help Desk that a young male is continually loitering around the village centre and is acting incoherently. The crisis team members proceed to fetch the man and take him to our centre for assessment. We arrange for a medical assessment and it is found that the young man is psychotic. We are able to trace his family who distressfully explain his condition further. We then facilitate the necessary procedures to have the young man placed in an appropriate institution.

A divorced mother is being harassed by her ex husband A traumatized lady phones to seek help for her predicament of harassment. The Help Desk clearly relays the correct procedures to follow to receive lasting protection. This office will also follow up the progress of the lady and offer further help and support if needed.

Heroin addict's mother desperate for help A distraught mother of a 23 year old girl addicted to heroin and living in Cape Town , is in need of help and advice. She has heard about Careline from someone in KZN. The office investigates all possible solutions, enters into dialogue with the daughter and then proceeds to provide to the mother with the solution.

…………………………………………………………and the list goes on.

Love is a wonderful Healer

And must never be underestimated

It calms many troubled waters

It washes away guilt

Assures you of your great worth to the world and all around you


Points you to the truth which sets you free

With Love

Comes Wisdom & Good Counsel

Counseling & Support Groups 

Careline is dedicated to facilitating good counsel and support, lay and professional, once again whether you can afford it or not. We will strive to get you the best help we can.

Our approach includes sound and proven, yet innovative methods of counsel.

We network closely with any relevant professionals regarding any cases warranting such.

Our doors are always open to meet you when in your darkest hours of need.

Beneficiaries of these services include children, teenagers and grown ups in distress as a result of various human trauma.

We facilitate group sessions to educate and guide parents and friends on how best to deal with chemical dependency


Careline since 1995 has been responsible for the assisting in the establishing of over 30 crisis centres in the province of KwaZulu Natal .

This is indicative of a team of quality people giving their all so that relief of suffering is stretched as far as possible with little resources available.

The spirit and effectiveness of crisis intervention support in this province is largely due to the influence of the Careline Crisis & Trauma Centre, both in urban and rural areas.

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