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By: Use-Rainwater.com  11-12-2012
Keywords: Water Purification, Water Tanks, grey water

We install 4 types of rainwater harvesting systems Deluxe system – Rainwater is harvested, stored and treated to drinking water quality. It pumped into the main water supply of the house or business and will supply it with water while there is water in the tanks. When the tanks empty it will automatically switch over to the municipal water supply until it rains again and rain can be harvested. All municipal water are treated with our three step treatment process before entering the household supply. Water saver – This is a stand-alone system that harvests rainwater for non- drinking purpose. If you want to save water for irrigation or industrial purposes this will be the right system. The water is partly filtered and pumped into the factory/irrigation system for use. Basic rain barrel system - thus is a small system that will capture and strain small volume of water for garden or irrigation use. It uses gravity to supply the area that you want to use water at. Water can still be used for drinking water for animals. Country - standalone - this is a complete standalone package system and operates on solar power. It is a mini version of our deluxe system but is not connected to the national electrical grid or main water supply. It is the ideal packages for schools and rural communities to generate quality drinking water from rain.

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