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By: Ginde  11-11-2011
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Multilayer Composite Pipes

Ginde composite pipes consist of an aluminium core with inner and outer plastic layers, tightly bonded with a special adhesive to the aluminium core. All the layers are extruded in one step. Ginde composite pipes have all the advantages of both metal and plastic pipes, but none of their disadvantages.

Ginde Plastic Pipe Industry Group (GPPIG) has an extensive range of piping production lines, all imported from the German UNICOR Company, implementing the "one step five layer extrusion method", using an ultrasonic over lap welding technique. The raw materials are imported from famous European and American companies. The main suppliers are the American DOWLEX Chemical Company, the American PHILIPS Company, the German POLYPLAST Company and the Dutch DSM Company.


- Abrasion resistant, durable and has the ability to bend
- Highly resistant to high temperatures, high pressure, corrosion and fire
- Very smooth inner surface of PEX lining increases flow rate by 30% compared to metal piping
- Thermal conductivity is 0.45W/m.k and approximately 100:1 compared to metal piping
- Easy cutting with any quality shear
- Can be bend by hand or bending tool
- Supplied in rolls of up to 200 meters, weighing on the average 24 kilograms, easily transportable
- Life span of more than 50 years under normal conditions


- Residential, commercial and industrial systems for hot and cold water
- Pipeline systems for conveying potable water
- Air conditioners
- Solar heating systems
- LP gas and coal gas
- Oxygen distribution in hospitals and clinics
- Oil and cooling fluid transportation
- Compressed air in breaking systems and low pressure hydraulic systems
- Protecting piping for electrical, computer and television cabling
- High quality enginering designs for agricultural and industrial irrigation


Ginde manufactures a wide range of fittings. Press fittings, compression fittings and clamp fitting are utilized for a vast range of applications.The Press or Crimp Fittings are the most popular products for water reticulation in residential, commercial and industrial applications. For Industrial and commercial applications where large volumes of fluid are conveyed, the Clamp Fittings are used on the larger size composite pipe.

New Innovation Fittings


The Ginde DIY Solution : The EEZI-CLAMP

GINDE PIPES SOUTH AFRICA developed a proudly South African product as a solution for the huge DIY plumbing installation market in South Africa. The EEZI-CLAMP has been tested and proved a winner in all kinds of applications.

Technical Spesifications
Thermal conductivity  0.45W/(m.k) 
Coefficient of thermal expansion
Bend radius >= 5D (D means outside diameter) 
Working temperature (°C)  -40°C - 95°C
Coefficient of roughness 0.0004mm 
Other  Static-free, longevity 

Underfloor Heating:

Keywords: Aluminium Core, compression fittings, Multilayer Composite Pipes, Plastic Pipe, Plastic Pipes