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By: Kwakuhle  11-11-2011

Flawless service forms the core of our business, and here’s where Kwakuhle Hygiene is in a league of our own.
Every service vehicle in our substantial service company’s fleet is distributed on a daily basis by a high end distribution program. It is unique to the industry. The computer plots addresses and optimizes routes using a complex geographical algorithm. It means perfect routes, every time.

Complementing that is a state of the art satellite tracking system. We can pinpoint on a map every vehicle at any time of the day, right down to their speed and compass heading.

This means you get the same professional service staff on site on the same day of the week, every time, without fail. Gone are the days of having to show a different service team where to go and what to do. Zero disruption to your staff. Complete peace of mind.

We comfortably have the infrastructure for immediate roll out of provincial government tenders, and large business right down to end users. Yet you get the same kind of focused service you expect from small business.

This all means value for money that everyone else is missing out on.  Contact us to see just how competitive our pricing structures really are.