Kuduzela and Vuvuzela

By: Kuduzela  11-11-2011


Wide Variety of Colours
The original Kuduzela is available in a wide variety of colours, depending on the quantities ordered. 90cm in length.
Individual Branding
Corporate branding of Kuduzelas is available for bulk orders
Individually branded sleeves are available, and may be branded in full colour
The Kuduzela Sockzela can be branded as required and is available for both the Original Kuduzela and the Mini Kuduzela.
Metallic Kuduzelas
For corporate gifts, show pieces and just to be different, the Kuduzela is also available in Gold, Silver and Bronze, and can be mounted on request. Only available for Original Kuduzelas and for purchases of 50 or more items
Mini Kuduzelas
For smaller, more easily transported and quirky Kuduzelas, why not try our new Mini Kuduzela. 45cm in length.
Kuduzela Ear Protectors
Be responsible with your hearing at work, home and the stadiums. This locally manufactured product is readily available.Whisper earplugs are low pressure earplugs which virtually eliminate pressure on the ear canal.
Now Also Available:
Beaded and Partially Beaded Kuduzelas are available for bulk orders only.