By: Krowe Logistics  11-11-2011
Keywords: Parties, Transporters

Early in our company history we realised  there was a dire need for a service such as ours. That neither our clients or our transporters need to have to go to great lengths to find either a suitable Transport Company or be able to locate profitable work for their transport that suited both parties equally, without it first moving through various organizations and individuals, where both parties will meet and sign an agreement with each other.

Who also realized that our Clients have invested hard earned monies into their cargo, and Transporters huge amounts on the trucks, they need to know that it will be a worthy investment.
This is why we go to great lengths to find the most suitable work for our Transporters from the best companies to ensure that both parties are satisfied.

It does not end there; we also follow up on a regular basis with both parties to ensure that everything is still working according to their specific needs.

What we do:

  1. Obtain the best contracts from different sources.
  2. Source from our large data base of Transporters the most suitable for that specific work.
  3. Make sure that all aspects for the Transporters are in place, ie. Accommodation for the drivers, diesel availability, where the best places are for them to obtain tyres etc. service for the vehicles etc..
  4. Confirm that both parties are in agreement with all aspects of the Contract.
  5. The Transporter signs the Contract directly with Principal Contract Holder.

Keywords: Parties, Transporters