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By: Kreg Information Systems  11-11-2011

BUD—G/L Budgeting & Variance Reporting allows the end-user to store and report on as many prior years of data as they wish for budget preparation and reporting throughout the year. This system allows the user to flex revenues and expenses automatically with volume changes. Each client designs their own budget preparation forms using the custom report writer, monitor and store changes to your budget throughout the process and make the budget entry available to your department heads. BUD allows each person to create fixed and flexible budgets and store hours, dollars and stats for per unit and productivity reporting.

PAY—Salary Budgeting & Variance Reporting generates the labor/payroll budget allowing the user to project employee detail wage increases and budget detailed hours for a more accurate salary budget. Upon completion, the pay period detail is accrued and passed to BUD to be combined with the 12 period non-salary budget. Select 12, 26 or 52 Pay Periods to match your payroll calendar. During the year, PAY allows the end-user to run Dollar/Hours/FTE variance reports at the job code level of detail to help control the largest expenditure in your organization.

REV—Revenue Budgeting & Variance Reporting gives you the power to build a revenue budget driven by individual procedure and deliver monthly rate-volume-mix variance reports by department and procedure. The sensitivity analysis in REV accurately analyzes the hospital’s current charge master, payer utilization and reimbursement data to maximize the net revenue return from the gross revenue increases. Many clients have increased their bottom line by $250,000 to $2,500,000 using this feature of REV.

CAP—Capital Budgeting & Variance Reporting promotes more effective and efficient capital budgeting. Users can build a single or multi-year capital budget and track capital items by month, quarter or year. The system hold as many fields as needed for every capital request, as well as generate monthly variance reports to track actual versus budget expenditures.

D2D – Drill to Detail enables you to send a variance report (or budget input form) that a department manager can “drill through” to get more detail without having to go to a different report or system. They will be able to drill through to their accounts payable, materials management, labor, employee, and/or revenue data to analyze and explain variances to their budget. This unique capability will save your department managers a significant amount of time and put the key information they need to manage their departments at their fingertips.

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