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By: Kreate Worldwide  11-11-2011
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Aquaplus™ Universal Colorants

Aquaplus™ is a complete range of universal 'point of sale' colorants, designed for use with water borne and solvent borne architectural, decorative paints.

Aquaplus™ comes complete with colour formulation databases as well as full matching support, built on multiple technologies. This ensures that our customers have the very latest colour formulations always readily available to suit their market demands.Aquaplus™ is produced as an APE free, low VOC (propylene glycol containing) universal system; it is also available in a VOC free version. Aquaplus™ VOC free is also universal. Both technologies are also interchangeable and are made to the same pigmentation levels and tinting strength, thus allowing customers to move to VOC free colorants without the need to change colour formulations, base paint strengths or to clean out machines at point of sale. All Aquaplus colorants are produced to exceptionally high tolerances ensuring absolute confidence in colour reproducibility.Pigmentation
Aquaplus™ utilizes a range of inorganic and organic pigments, with a variety of strengths in order to make an optimal tinting system. The Paint Producer can therefore ensure that they get a balance of cost, strength and flexibility to tint to almost any pack size. Opacity, light fastness, as well as accuracy and durability are all key considerations in the construction and selection of colorant combinations.

Market Specific
Different markets, with different requirements and therefore different products with varying specifications mean the 'one system fits all' approach is no longer applicable in today's mature tinting markets. Aquaplus™ is designed to fit our customers markets, and our customer's products, rather than fitting their products to our tinting system.Whether tinting Silicone, Silicate, Water Based or Solvent Based, Wood Stains, Pliolites or interior and exterior Latex Paints a selection of Aquaplus™ colorants can be made to ensure that technically and commercially customers have the right solution.Flexibility in base choice is crucial, and the ability to select different base structures for different products in combination with different 'tinting rules', in conjunction with different colorants is essential. All Aquaplus™ combinations are fully supported with formulations of all major colour ranges. Customer specific ranges can be added with ease according to customer's specifications.Colour matching databases are key to successful on going formulation support and all customer bespoke colour matching is available with any combination of colorant choices.

Keywords: Colorants, tinting

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