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By: Komfort Solutions  11-11-2011
Keywords: ISO, Quality Management, Quality Management System

The 4 steps we offer to ISO accreditation
Designing and implementing the right Quality Management System (QMS) / BMS is a journey we undertake with our clients.  A journey that requires time and commitment and these are the four steps:

Gap Analysis:  this is a practical assessment that identifies the gaps between your current Quality status and the business processes you have in place in relation to attaining the ISO 9001 standard.
Project and Action Plans: This step identifies what needs to be done to set up your QMS / BMS and draws up a project plan with details of the various phases and milestones with applicable timescales, in order to attain ISO accreditation.
Full implementation of the ISO 9001:2008 standard
Starting off with ISO 9001 awareness training throughout the organisation. Then taking the gaps we identified into account together we design and set-up the Quality System. This includes:

  • The process approach which identifies the business processes with applicable objectives, inputs, outputs, activities, interactions and resources.  
  • The necessary company documentation and Quality Manual (with applicable numbering, revision rationale etc) taking the process from initial draft through the various revisions to final approved documents.
  • Assisting companies in the design and set-up of the QMS/BMS platform (for example the Intranet) so as to launch the System in house once ready for use.

Roll-out of the Quality System
Once the new BMS is ready for launch within the organisation, Komfort Solutions will assist management with the appropriate presentations and demonstrations. This phase also includes special training of groups as well as one-to-one sessions with individuals, so that everyone in the organisation understands his/her role within the new BMS.

Support & Training for ISO 9001 and Quality Management

Komfort Solutions provides ongoing support during and after the launch of your QMS/BMS with the  following training programmes:

ISO9001 Standard presentations and awareness training are given to employees along with basic principles of Quality.  The training emphasizes the importance of Quality Standards in relation to a BMS and the attaining of ISO accreditation.
ISO9001 Internal Audits: Komfort Solutions assists organisations with their internal    audits, as part of the ISO 9001 requirement.  Also assistance in corrective action pertaining to any non-compliance found during the audits and/or with any necessary improvements required.
ISO 9001 Support & Maintenance and ongoing assistance is available to companies to help them with continual improvement of their QMS/BMS as part of the ISO 9001 requirement, which can include updating of documentation, induction of new employees with regards to ISO/Quality Awareness Training, Internal Audits etc.
Quality Coaching and Mentoring: this entails coaching and mentoring an appointed company ‘champion’ responsible for Quality Management. Coaching can be regarded as a business tool for teams and individuals for the transference of ISO, Quality and BMS skills/knowledge. The principle behind coaching is to ensure that each team and individual understands the importance of a Quality Management System and their role and contribution within the various business processes.

The experience behind Komfort Solutions

The network of consultants that makes up Komfort Solutions offers a body of knowledge and experience to organisations that include:

Business Management Systems (ISO 9001): Consulting

  • Implementation and maintaining ISO 9001 Quality Management Systems / BMS in a variety of companies, and branches
  • Performing Internal Audits to check ISO 9001:2000 compliance
  • ISO 9001 Awareness Training (Management and Staff)
  • Designing & developing documentation systems as per configuration management principles
  • Intranet (as part of QMS/BMS platform) design and set-up assistance

Quality Management Systems/BMS (ISO 9001):  Corporate environment

  • Implementation of ISO 9000:1994 (1998) & ISO 9001:2000 (2002)
  • Maintenance of company Quality Management System (QMS) according to ISO 9001
  • Perform Internal / External Audits to check ISO 9001 compliance
  • ISO 9001 / Quality Management Awareness Training
  • Company Intranet – design, development inputs, testing and system set-up - to include company QMS/BMS
  • Ongoing maintenance of company BMS & Intranet
  • Set-up, implementation & maintenance of company Configuration Management (CM) System (including integration to company Intranet as a platform for general staff usage and for documentation listing)
  • Shared Services – set-up and management of Activity Based Costing (ABC) for QM/CM services

Project Management: Corporate Environment

  • Bid/Tender labour & materials costing (in conjunction with Engineers), establishing the selling price including any applicable risk factors
  • Bid/Tender preparation - terms & conditions
  • Contract / Agreement negotiations and draw up contract (in conjunction with Customer / Engineer)
  • Company prospects – monthly forecasting & rating
  • Project administration – set up and manage company turnover, cash flow, escalation & cost of sales within timescales per project
  • Monthly WIP – project costs and preparation of project/s Work in Progress
  • Management and control of company Registry, Library & Archive

Keywords: Bms, ISO, Quality Management, Quality Management System