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By: Knight Signs  11-11-2011
Keywords: Canopy, Service Stations, Signage Installations

We do new installations and maintenance in all RSA Provinces as well as
Botswana, Swaziland, Lesotho and Namibia:

Maintenance & Repairs

Our Maintenance and Repairs Portfolio includes:

Minor maintenance
Cleaning of Service Stations
Illumination of bonjour, canopy and totems
Repairs to all TOTAL signage items
Paintwork to buildings and canopy fascia's
Roadmarkings on the forecourt
Health & Safety boards installation

Our Glass Reinforced Panels (GRP) Panels:

Our canopy column cladding panels are manufactured using a process called Vacuum Resin Assist.
It entails a low and high pressure system which forces the gel through the male and female moulds.

All column panels are manufactured with one layer 450 D4 450 surface tissue, and both sides are gel coated. The panels are 4mm in thickness, while the mould is made out of Polylight low shrinkage resin. This ensures the entire product to be consistent in size and thickness throughout.

We manufacture and / or install the following:

Illuminated Bonjour concept to all new Service Stations and to Mainline sites
Bonjour concept to existing Retrofit sites
Access panels / Bullnose sections
LED "Open" signs
Point of Sale signs

Glass Reinforced Panels (GRP) to canopy columns
L1,5 perspex bullnose with LED's behind on the fascia's
Special Urethane based TOTAL Red paint to fascia's
All canopy fascia's are now illuminated with
12V red LED's all around the perimeter
LED illumination behind "TOTAL" names
Fire extinguishers and cabinets
No smoking combination decals
Perspex fabricated letters
Point of Sale signs

Mega totems
Lollypop signs
BCO signs
Garden lights
Service Units
Oil Lube Bottle display
Map stands
Pump product Indication on columns

GD Sites conversion
Complete new signage installations to new Service Stations and Petroports

Latest Additions:

The new Bonjour Retrofit design is a major advantage for TOTAL and since its introduction has been a great improvement on the image of TOTAL SA. This brings TOTAL SA in line with the concepts and standards as specified by TOTAL France.

The new look Oil Lube Bottle display, which is mounted on all canopy columns, leads to an improved and clutter free forecourt.

We supply Service Units throughout South Africa on most of the TOTAL Service Stations. The unit is an all-in-one combined unit with paper towel, water bucket and dustbin in a modern but functional design. This unit is also manufactured with the system called VRA (Vacuum Resin Assist), all precision made. We also supply Lube Display Units to Canopy Columns. The Map stands are manufactured out of aluminium with illumination inside.

The new look Map Stand with internal LED illumination is another step towards a combined esthetical and low maintenance product on the forecourt. The Map Stand can be fitted as either a wall mounted or free standing unit.

The existing Café Bonjour concept is due for implementation throughout South Africa.

Due to the low 8 Volt requirements of the new LED Open Signs, the need for a Fireman’s Switch has been eliminated on the building. The LED concept also leads to huge monetary savings on all Total sites.


Keywords: Canopy, Glass Reinforced Panels, Reinforced Panels, Service Stations, Signage Installations,