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By: Kitech  11-11-2011

Fulfilment: KiTECH offers various forms of fulfilled packs for SIM and handset packs, with barcodes and data customised to the customers individual needs. Below are some types of packs produced:► Jewel case (CD) starter pack
► Calender case starter pack
► Mini starter pack with booklet 
► Blister packs  - economical for shipping in secure boxes of 50
► SIM card sized Swap pack envelopes as a cheap secure alternative 
► Other individually customised packs, for example:

Track and trace: All data is tracked before goods are even received in most cases, right through to point of despatch. Output data files are customised in order that the customer, and in turn, if required, their customers right down to retail level, can track the products.Network and SIM locking: Due to the networks trying to bring communications to as many people as possible, where in many countries the majority of the population are poor but desperately require communication, handsets are subsidised, the network taking the view that they will recover the subsidy over time. This necessitates that their interests are protected by "locking" the handset, so that it will only operate on their network. In some cases the SIM cards are also sold very cheaply in comparison to the cost of manufacture, with the result that the operator would rather the handset be "locked" to the individual SIM card. KiTECH has the capability to perform both of these operations, as part of the handset fulfilment process.