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By: Kimar  11-11-2011
Keywords: Floor, Stone, Natural Stone

Many of us do not understand what makes the stone dull and how it happened. Some of the main causes for a dull floor are :

-Glossy marble has no scratches, scratches are mainly caused by dirt, these scratches deflect the light in all directions giving that dull look. -Using the incorrect detergents and cleaning equipment
-Polymer based polishes

Initially rough unpolished natural stone was used for flooring, that was inexpensive but highly durable. Over the years, times and styles changed, with manufacturing methods improving, highly polished stone with mirror finishes are produced and maintained by using the following technical terms, grinding, honing, polishing and crystallization. In brief these are explained as follows and why restoration should be left up to a reputable restoration company, as it requires a great degree of skill and experience :

Grinding – is used when the floor is uneven and contains lippage which requires removing to give a perfectly flat floor. This is achieved by using various diamond grit disc’s until the lippage is removed and a beautiful flat glossy floor is the end product. Each square meter gets treated with up to 9 applications.

Honing- is very similar to Grinding, but less abrasive diamond grits are used, this process will remove scratches and stains, but not remove lippage (uneven tiles), but it will round the edges making them smoother.

Polishing-is achieved after the final very fine diamond disc grit, but applying a powered abrasive, which is worked into slurry or paste with a machine, vacuumed off, rinsed with a machine again and vacuumed dry. Although it sounds relatively simple, it requires a skilled operator to bring up the shine.

Crystallization or sealing- is a process used on the marble, that can only be done by a skilled professional. A chemical is sprayed on an area and buffed with a polishing machine fitted with steel wool. The chemical reacts with the marble, producing a new compound on the surface, which adds shine, slip proofs, hardens the stone against wear and protects against stains.

Keywords: Floor, Marble, Natural Stone, polishing, Stone