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By: Kharwaze Financial Accounting Services  11-11-2011
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1. Registrations

  • Close Corporation and Trusts
    • We assist our clients to decide on what type of entity would be best suited for their needs, based on the type and size of business. We also consider current tax legislation when advising our clients.
  • Income tax
    • All persons and corporate entities who conduct business in South Africa have to be registered for income tax. Income tax registrations also apply to Trusts. We complete all income tax registrations within the shortest possible time.
  • VAT
    • Vat or Value Added Tax applies to all business persons and entities who meet certain criteria. We advise our cients, based on the type of business, as well as on their performance projections, whether they need to register for vat or not.
    • All employees, commercial and domestic, have to be registered for UIF. We complete all UIF registrations as well as PAYE registration on behalf of our clients.
  • Workers Compensation
    • All commercial employees must be registered with the Compensation Commissioner.
  • Government Data Base
    • All persons wishing to obtain Government contracts, big or small, have to be registered on the relevant governments data base. We advise our client, based on the clients product, footprint and infrastructure, on which data base to register. We also advise clients on how to apply for and obtain government contracts.

2. Annual Financial Statements and Income Tax Returns

    All individuals and entities who operate businesses are required to present financial statement for various reasons such as bank loans, tax purposes, asset finance, etc, etc. Financial statements reflect whether a business was profitable during it trading year as well as its net asset value at a particular date. Financial statement are used to complete and submit tax returns to the revenue services, so that the revenue services can tax the entity accordingly.
  1. Business Plans
    All financial institutions, when assessing business loan applications, require applicants to draw up a business plan. A business plan describes the business as well as the business objectives, marketing strategy, capital requirements and various other information pertinent to the business. Business plans are also required by landlords and franchisors to assess the feasibility of the business. We prepare both simple and complex business plans based on the clients needs.
  1. Tax Planning
    Tax planning and tax structuring is a very important service as it enables our clients to always be tax compliant as well as tax intelligent. We have tax specialists who sit down with each client, annually, and review their tax positions. This service is offered to all, small and large clients, as it has been proven, time and again, that all large business started out small.
  1. Business Consulting
    Business consulting entails our going to our clients business, spending time with our client and evaluating their operations. We would check where there are shortfalls, if any, and suggest remedial action. We would advise the client on aspects such as marketing, store layout, security, stock control, etc, etc.
  1. Labour Relations
    We evaluate the clients compliance with the labour relations act and advise the client of any shortfalls. We also assist the client in drafting employment contracts, staff registers and staff control sheets. We also process payrolls for the larger organizations. We conduct disciplinary hearings on behalf of our clients.
  1. Financial Investigations
    Financial investigations entails investigation of fraud, mismanagement and other financial irregularities. We have a team of specialist who investigate theft and losses of monies, stock, and other company resources. We would draw up forensic reports and assist the client to prefer charges against the perpetrator. We would also lead evidence in a court of law.
  1. Tenders
    We assist the client with the completion and submission of tender documents. We undertake costing exercises and feasibility studies for the client so as to enable them to make informed decisions in respect of the tenders being applied for.
  1. Loans and Grants
    We facilitate loan applications to the various financial institutions as well as application for government grants.

Keywords: business plan, tax, Tax returns

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