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By: Keytracker  11-11-2011
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Our key cabinets are available in any size and are made to order. There is a choice of five standard sizes with a choice of cabinet locks. Extra security Our key cabinets and key safes come in 5 standard sizes, which can secure from 10 up to 300 key units. The key hook boards can be mounted "fixed-firm" or "slide-out".

The welded reinforced key cabinet or key safe is made out of durable enameled steel plate.Vehicle mounted key safes and transportable key cabinets are available in all sizes.Door-mounted Keytracker boards secured inside the key cabinet increase capacity and reduce space requirements. Cabinet locks To meet your specifications, we have a wide range of key cabinet and safe lock systems available. Our most popular key safe lock is the slam-lock. This ensures the cabinet is not accidentally left ajar as a gentle push or a heavy slam ensures the lock engages. To re-open the key cabinet, up to 5 buttons are pushed in a pre-set order. This secure code cab be changed easily.The key lock is very useful for limiting access to only 2 or 3 people.
Lightweight key cabinet boards also available. Proximity reader or Dallas chip locking and recording systems can also be used with the Keytracker Electronic key cabinet to provide full user and item movement records.Also available is the simple lock that spins freely until depressed to locate the ratchet. A padlock prevents unauthorised operation.Keytracker Safes We also offer a great range of safes to house the Keytracker system. This is the perfect companion to the mechanical Keytracker system in regards to security and access control. Ensure nobody gains unauthorised access to the system board.I Need something smaller..We also offer a range of miniature cabinets (as featured below). The unit pictured above has the capacity to hold 346 keys.
It may look quite large in the photo, but this unit is actually only 60cm high - perfect for tracking a large amount of keys in a very small space.It uses a 2 point safe locking mechanism with a digital pin entry method. There is a manual overide if the battery power should fail. Contact us for more information on this product.

Keywords: electronic key, Key Cabinets

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This system offers all the requirements and more for successful key management.Keytracker key management systems are available in any size or format and with any number of users. Keytracker key control systems very simply ensure all keys are stored in exactly the correct place, giving fast access to all authorised users.


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These tradition mechanical keys must be controlled and managed in order to assure a safe and secure system.Cost ConsiderationsAn additional basis for utilizing a good key management system if the cost consideration. What is Electronic Key ManagementElectronic management of keys is an area of access control within the broader category of security.


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Never spending any more time looking for keys (knowing that within seconds of approaching the Keytracker system board, the keys required will be in their hands - Guaranteed - or they will know exactly who has them and why). Best Practical overall key security: As cars become more secure - thieves are now taking the keys - Keytracker security seals prevent opportunist theft.