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Keep in control of your key management..Keep all those keys secure - Always know who has any keys at any time and ensure their fast return. Keytrackers' brilliantly simple system does the job!

Keytracker key control systems very simply ensure all keys are stored in exactly the correct place, giving fast access to all authorised users. Keytracker ensures that, whilst in use, the keys always remain as a complete bunch, preventing unauthorised removal of a single key. The keys will always be returned and available for use immediately, but until then you will know at-a-glance exactly who has them and why. A simple, very effective key management solution to your key control.

How does that work ?Very simply, by attaching a key or key bunch (or anything else) to a small plastic numbered "retaining" peg with a special wire seal. This peg is located in the Keytracker Board preventing anyone from just helping themselves, giving you complete control of the keys. The Keytracker Board may in turn be housed in a secure area or key cabinet if required. Key safes are also available to house your Keytracker system in. To access keys, an authorised user simply inserts his own personal-issue coloured identity access control peg to release the required key bunch. His own control peg cannot be removed until the keys are returned.Unique pegs for unique key control..

The colour of the control peg will determine which section or department the user is from, whilst the engraved number or initials on the end of the control peg identifies the exact person. This also ensures that the keys are returned to the same position after use, so that the user can retrieve his personal peg. This system offers all the requirements and more for successful key management.Keytracker key management systems are available in any size or format and with any number of users. Being modular the system can easily be expanded at any time!


Keywords: access control, Control Systems, Key Control, Key Management Systems, Management Systems

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These tradition mechanical keys must be controlled and managed in order to assure a safe and secure system.Cost ConsiderationsAn additional basis for utilizing a good key management system if the cost consideration. What is Electronic Key ManagementElectronic management of keys is an area of access control within the broader category of security.


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The welded reinforced key cabinet or key safe is made out of durable enameled steel plate.Vehicle mounted key safes and transportable key cabinets are available in all sizes.Door-mounted Keytracker boards secured inside the key cabinet increase capacity and reduce space requirements.


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Never spending any more time looking for keys (knowing that within seconds of approaching the Keytracker system board, the keys required will be in their hands - Guaranteed - or they will know exactly who has them and why). Best Practical overall key security: As cars become more secure - thieves are now taking the keys - Keytracker security seals prevent opportunist theft.