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By: Keytracker  11-11-2011
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Our systems aimed at motor dealers ensure no more lost keys or vehicles. With efficient key management comes efficient vehicle management.

Efficient and reliable..Guarantees fast access to keys. Anti-tamper key fobs ensure keys cannot be removed by any unauthorised person, and that bunches can only be returned complete. The complete modular system key board (or multiples) may be fitted in permanent positions, or be removable. The complete modular system key board (or multiples) may be fitted in permanently for security reasons. Keys remain secured during key board relocation. Colour coded access pegs for each department include personal numbering for each authorised staff member.
Printed access chart sited alongside Keytracker provide instant department and user identification.Users access pegs cannot be removed until keys have been returned.Some Of The Benefits Of Using Keytracker Total Vehicle Key Management & Control System

  • Complete flexibility allows for any size system - and may be added to at any time.

As a result of having your modular system installed, you will benefit by having your keys professionally re-organised and thereafter always know at-a-glance:

  • Exactly who is using any vehicle at any time and why, just by looking at the Keytracker Board.
  • Exactly what stage any vehicle is in, at any time - whether the vehicle is available for sale, PDI, service, awaiting collection etc, again just by looking at the Keytracker board.
  • Exactly Why each vehicle is on site - for sale, service, demo, awaiting parts etc, just by looking at the vehicles' mirror plaque colour or at the Keytracker board.


  • Delegate responsibility for every vehicle to only one specific individual at a time, when in use.
  • Ensure return of all keys as soon as they are finished with - every time.

All authorised employees will benefit by:

  • Never spending any more time looking for keys (knowing that within seconds of approaching the Keytracker system board, the keys required will be in their hands - Guaranteed - or they will know exactly who has them and why).
  • Always being able to access any vehicle quickly, at any time.
  • Always knowing exactly who has control of a required vehicle at any time.

Your company and all customers will benefit by:

  • Best Practical overall key security: As cars become more secure - thieves are now taking the keys - Keytracker security seals prevent opportunist theft.
  • Maximum key-related efficiency: No more wasted time searching for keys.
  • Quicker service: Faster key access and knowing who has control of any one vehicle at any time.
  • More secure key handling: Delegating responsibility to an individual employee for each vehicle in use at all times.

Keytracker Limited - Ultimate Efficiency, Security and Confidence.

Keywords: Key Tracking

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