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What is Electronic Key ManagementElectronic management of keys is an area of access control within the broader category of security. Typically, physical mechanical keys are managed electronically by a system which controls key access and also creates reports and generates alarms. Many times these systems are networkable, web based, and IP addressable.Why manage keys electronicallyThe justification for electronic key management is often based on the idea that security directors and managers, as well as facility professionals, want to control and manage the entry and use of rooms and assets within a facility, or institution. Today's modern access control systems rely to a large extent upon access card (mag stripes, proximity cards, smart cards, etc.) but they often do not cover a certain number of assets, doors, and rooms, which are still accessed by traditional keys. These tradition mechanical keys must be controlled and managed in order to assure a safe and secure system.Cost ConsiderationsAn additional basis for utilizing a good key management system if the cost consideration. Lost keys cost organizations, institutions, and government Millions per year according to some studies. The cost of lost or misplaced keys results from time pent searching for keys and/or their holders, as well as the costs of replacing locks, cylinders, and keys, not to mention staff time and management time resolving lost key issues.Who uses electronic key management

Users of good electronic key management systems include property management companies, government, mines, auto dealerships, prisons and institutions, colleges/universities, assisted living centers, casinos, and any place where access control is a consideration.New Version, New Features..A unique electronic key cabinet that enables keys to be secured, controlled and monitored at all time. This powerful system utilises:

  • ARM High-Performance 32-bit instruction set processor.
  • Comprehensive embedded key management software.
  • Built in IP colour camera image capture for security & verification using SD card (standard 15,000 pictures).
  • Built in SMS alarm trigger & soft warnings.
  • Built in report generator.
  • Third Party system integration via TCPIP protocol.
  • Built in 8 digital inputs and 8 digital outputs.

Highest Security..This system is 100% tamper proof, with a 6mm polycarbonate window on the front of the cabinet door (can be specified with a solid metal door). The tamper proof key is made of solid steel metal and cannot be duplicated in the general market.This system has a minimum capacity of 40 key slots per cabinet. The main feature of this product is its "central management system" - which enables administrative management remotely. It has a built in web server and makes full use of SSL technology, to enable admin’s to track complete changes to the system. Also, they will see which keys are overdue and need to be returned, which users have which keys and also multiple user key activities. As well as the web based warning system, admin are also warned via SMS about overdue keys - giving total control over company assets.This product is top of its market for key security and control - make sure your business does not miss out! Power SupplyVoltage Range : 8-24V DC.
Current : 200mA.LCD Panel

  • High Resolution LCD.
  • ASCII font: 16 characters x4 rows.
  • Classical white colour backlight.
  • On RS485 comm link.


  • High quality silicone rubber keys.
  • 0~9 ten numeric keys.
  • & # keys represent backspace and enter.
  • Beeper integrated.
  • Beeper will alert of incorrect key press.
  • On RS485 comm link.

Key Unit

  • High sensitive IR sensor to update key position
  • High security Cam lock & guarded by stainless steel solenoid
  • Tamper proof key ring
  • One LED status indicator: C Red, Green & Orange.

Pictures Recorder

  • High quality IP camera.
  • wide-angle lens (36mm).
  • 5,000 Alarm/Active recorders X 3 Picture per activation.
  • Record total of 15,000 pictures (Expandable).


  • Body: 1.5mm Steel Plate.
  • Front Door: Tamper proof glass window.
  • Electric Strike (Power off to lock).
  • Door contact sensor.
  • Back door tamper switch.
  • Master key for emergency release keys.
  • Super bright LED night lighting.

GSM Modem

  • Dual band - GSM900 & GSM1800.
  • SMS notification to admin when alarm occurs.
  • SMS alert to selected user when withdrawal key expired.
  • Send 5 SMS messages upon activation for each alarm.

Card Reader

  • Mifare proximity card reader.
  • Any reader with weign format.

orFingerprint Reader

  • High resolution optical sensor.
  • Fingerprint ID stored in user database.

Embedded Application/Control Software

Built web pages for system setting, configuration, monitoring & management.There are many more advanced features within this product, we highly recommend downloading the product specification sheet below for more details.

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