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Kettlebells 4 Fat Loss

Kettlebell Wellness Aluminium kettlebells

Kettlebell Wellness is the first and only supplier of superior quality aluminium kettlebells in South Africa. They are all in competition style with much thicker walls than the steel kettlebells. They look better, feel better and will last longer. Also, no rust! So run for the cash, because they always go fast!!

Here are the sizes as well as the prices:

8 kg - R 39512 kg - R 54516 kg - R 69520 kg - R 87024 kg - R 104528 kg - R 117532 kg - R 130540 kg - R 1685Please us to place your order.

Other resources

Lots of people want to know where they can find good books and DVD's to help them train on their own, or just to have additional info or even just as motivational material. There are a lot of information out there, but these ones here are what we have used or are using ourselves. If you want to page through a comprehensive list of kettlebell material, please download the Hard Style catalogue. This is a relatively big download, around 7meg, so some of you might have difficulty downloading it. To help those and also to make it easier to choose what material to get first, here are some of our suggestions:

Enter the Kettlebell

Viking Warrior Conditioning

If you are looking for a way to push your cardiovascular fitness off the charts, then take a look at Viking Warrior Conditioning. We have experienced amazing results with this program. We have been using it with endurance athletes who can't spend long hours of training because of work or family reasons. This program builds their VO2 max in double time. It is brutal, but brutally effective. For a high volume snatch-based program it is easier on the hands because of the short sets, which is a huge bonus in my mind. This protocol was developed as a univarsity study by author Kenneth Jay and is solidly rooted in cutting edge science. You will see results. To read more or order, please click .

Convict Conditioning

A bit off kettlebells, but just as important, are body weight exercises. At Kettlebell Wellness that is what we use to combine with kettlebells. It is fun, practical and you can do it anywhere, so no more excuses! For this you can have a look at Convict Conditioning, a great book that will take you through the various levels of advancement towards being a natural strength freak. To read more about this resource or order it, please click .

Kettlebell Solution for Speed and Explosive Strength


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