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By: Kato  11-11-2011

Tanged CoilThread® Inserts

Tanged CoilThread inserts are made of cold-rolled 304 stainless steel wire (AS7245), work-hardened to a tensile strength above 200,000 psi, and a hardness of Rc 43-50. The finished surface (8-16 micro-inches) is exceedingly smooth, virtually eliminating friction-induced thread erosion.

The stainless steel used resists corrosion under normal environmental conditions. Galvanic action within the thread assembly is reduced, further adding to the life of the fastening assembly. KATO Inserts are used with temperatures from -320°F to +800°F (-195.6°C to +426.7°C).

Why tanged inserts from KATO?

Lower pricing than competitive inserts.

Complete range of locking and free-running sizes, bulk or strip-feed, including metric.

Full line of taps, gages, and tools available.. interchangeable with and will install all major brands of inserts.

Meet or exceed all applicable military, aerospace, and commercial standards. Full Traceability.

Design and Application Assistance: over 30 years of manufacturing and engineering experience.

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Precision engineering, exacting manufacturing standards, and stringent quality control procedures assure a high quality product that meets or exceeds all applicable military and aerospace standards.

Tanged inserts install into the BS4377 tapped holes to accept ISO metric threads conforming to Tanged Inserts BS364: Part 1: 1981 and BS364: Part 2: 1981. Metric Tanged CoilThread inserts conform to National Bureau of Standards Handbook H-28/21, M Profile, Tolerance Classes 4H5H or 5H, as well as ISO standards 68, 261, R724 and 965/I.

The resilient characteristics of each coil in a CoilThread Insert allows it to adjust independently to secure the maximum surface contact with individual threads in the parent material. As a result, loads are distributed more evenly. Stress and fatigue concentrations are reduced to maximize thread strength and increase the reliability and life of the fastening system.

CoilThread Inserts provide design and manufacturing flexibility. Design opportunities are afforded by the structure of these inserts. Because of the continuous helically-coiled design, they need no thick wall structure to support the internal and external threads; the diamond-shaped coil is the thread!

The inserts can be installed in reduced-sized bosses or flanges and within constricted areas, thus saving space and weight while providing high strength. A boss radius equal to the nominal bolt diameter is usually sufficient.

Kato CoilThread Inserts are precision-engineered and have been put through rigorous torque, tension, and vibration tests as well as comprehensive dimensional inspections and metallurgical analysis in attaining their MIL-Spec qualifications. CoilThread Inserts have been thoroughly tested by an independent testing laboratory and are certified to conform to NASM8846.

Other products and services from Kato


KATO Fastening Systems, Inc - electric

Because of the exclusive Electric Prewinder Adapter, this tool is ideal for strip feed inserts. Excellent for clean room applications - no oil mist associated with pneumatic tools. The prewinder compresses inserts for easy installation. Works with both Tangless and tanged inserts.


KATO Fastening Systems, Inc - removal

Furthermore, the Tangless Hand Removal Tool allows you to back out inserts that were installed too deeply, giving you the ultimate control over your inserts. The KATO Tangless Electric Removal Tool affords you all the speed and convenience of the KATO Electric Tool when used for high-volume removal of inserts. The removal mandrel will thread into the insert, grab the removal notch on the top thread, and auto-reverse, removing the insert.


KATO Fastening Systems, Inc - apps

With three search options (Style & Size, MS/MA Number or NAS/NA Number), the KATO App makes it extremely simple to locate product and technical information for any helical coil screw thread insert. Technical information such as drill sizes, drilling dimensions, tapping depths, and major/minor/pitch diameters after tapping. Now KATO introduces the most powerful product search application for helical coil screw thread inserts and tools.


KATO Fastening Systems, Inc - tangless

During installation this hooked pawl locks into the insert Driving Notch and rotates the insert into the tapped hole, The pawl then retracts onto the mandrel to allow the tool back out of the installed insert. To drive the insert we developed on innovative installation tool with a patented, internal spring loaded pawl located at the tip of the tool's mandrel.


KATO Fastening Systems, Inc - air

The KATO Air Tool will also work with Helicoil and Recoil brand inserts, and some components may be interchangeable with Helicoil and Recoil brand tools. The KATO Air Tool will accommodate both Tangless and tanged inserts and installs sizes from 2-56 up to 1/2" & Metric M2.5 up to M12. The prewinder on the front end assembly for the air tool is designed to compress and guide the insert for easier installation.