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By: Kato  11-11-2011
Keywords: Installation Tool

Utilize Pneumatic Power..

The KATO Air Installation Tool is designed for use with strip feed or bulk inserts. However, with the feeder slot located in the front end assembly, it is an ideal choice for strip feed packaged inserts.

The KATO Air Tool will accommodate both Tangless and tanged inserts and installs sizes from 2-56 up to 1/2" & Metric M2.5 up to M12. The prewinder on the front end assembly (nose piece) for the air tool is designed to compress and guide the insert for easier installation. The KATO Air Tool also features "semi-automatic" installation--simply release the lever to reverse the air motor. The efficiency of this tool reduces overall installation time and is ideal for high volume strip feed insert users.

The KATO Air Tool will also work with Helicoil and Recoil brand inserts, and some components may be interchangeable with Helicoil and Recoil brand tools.

Why Use The Air Tool?

Ideal for use with strip feed inserts, but can be used with bulk inserts as well.

Prewinder style front ends helps facilitate installation. This is especially helpful when installing UNF or Metric thread sizes.

Cost Reduction: Significantly decreased installation time with higher volumes.

Installs a broad range of sizes for both Tangless and tanged inserts. (2-56 thru 1/2" & M2.5 to M12)

Semi-Automatic Installation--simply release the lever to reverse the air motor.

Keywords: Installation Tool

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Because of the exclusive Electric Prewinder Adapter, this tool is ideal for strip feed inserts. Excellent for clean room applications - no oil mist associated with pneumatic tools. The prewinder compresses inserts for easy installation. Works with both Tangless and tanged inserts.


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Furthermore, the Tangless Hand Removal Tool allows you to back out inserts that were installed too deeply, giving you the ultimate control over your inserts. The KATO Tangless Electric Removal Tool affords you all the speed and convenience of the KATO Electric Tool when used for high-volume removal of inserts. The removal mandrel will thread into the insert, grab the removal notch on the top thread, and auto-reverse, removing the insert.


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With three search options (Style & Size, MS/MA Number or NAS/NA Number), the KATO App makes it extremely simple to locate product and technical information for any helical coil screw thread insert. Technical information such as drill sizes, drilling dimensions, tapping depths, and major/minor/pitch diameters after tapping. Now KATO introduces the most powerful product search application for helical coil screw thread inserts and tools.


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During installation this hooked pawl locks into the insert Driving Notch and rotates the insert into the tapped hole, The pawl then retracts onto the mandrel to allow the tool back out of the installed insert. To drive the insert we developed on innovative installation tool with a patented, internal spring loaded pawl located at the tip of the tool's mandrel.


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Precision engineering, exacting manufacturing standards, and stringent quality control procedures assure a high quality product that meets or exceeds all applicable military and aerospace standards. Metric Tanged CoilThread inserts conform to National Bureau of Standards Handbook H-28/21, M Profile, Tolerance Classes 4H5H or 5H, as well as ISO standards 68, 261, R724 and 965/I.