Katannuta Wellness: Specialists in corporate wellness and employee assistance programmes (EAP - wellness day services

By: Katannuta Wellness  11-11-2011
Keywords: Medical Aid, Health and wellness, Financial Literacy

Ice breaker session:

The ice breaker session starts the day off,  its generally a 40-60 minute session of stretching, breathing and laughing.

Health assessments:

After the ice breaker session we start with the various health assessments and screening by our mobile optometry partners. Should an employee require an eye test after the screening; this can be done at the wellness day. Frames can also be chosen on the day.

Employees on the medical aid will have the claim submitted on their behalf. Payments plans are available for those employees not on a medical aid.

Our sports nutritionist offers a health evaluation which include BP testing and BMI screening among others.

Our nurse will be on hand to offer glucose and cholesterol testing*.

*Glucose and cholesterol testing is generally offered to all employees on the medical aid.  A claim is submitted to the relevant medical aid. Should you wish all employees to be tested, your company will invoiced by us for those employees tested but not on a medical aid.

Financial literacy talk

Our team of registered dept counsellors and financial trainer’s dept counsellors and financial trainers will hold a 15 -30 minute talk on basic financial literacy.  They will explain what dept counsellors is, how to budget and how get help.

Nutritional Advice

Each employee will receive nutritional advice from our sport nutritional advice from ours sport nutritionist after their health evaluation is completed furthermore, a 15-30 minute talk on eating healthy and inexpensive is scheduled for during the day.

Skin analysis

Our beauty technician will offer employees a short skin analysis, educating employees on their type of skin and which product they should be using.

Neck and shoulder massages

Our team of massage therapist will be on hand to massage those waiting in line for the health assessments or for those needing some stress relief.

Health and Wellness survey

Katannuta wellness has created a wellness needs assessments. We’ve shortened they analysis and introduced it as a health and survey into wellness days.

Employees are handed a copy of the health wellness survey and a checklist at the beginning of the day.

Once employee has completed the survey and ticked all the screening on the checklist, they should return the survey to receive to receive a gift.

Although the survey is confidential the company will receive a comprehensive report back on the survey. 

Keywords: Financial Literacy, Health and wellness, Health Assessments, Ice Breaker, Medical Aid, Wellness Needs

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Katannuta Wellness: Specialists in corporate wellness and employee assistance programmes (EAP - complementary therapies

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Katannuta Wellness: Specialists in corporate wellness and employee assistance programmes (EAP - wellness days

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