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By: KARTWORX MhOV  11-11-2011
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When MS started Karting, at the age of 4, no one but God new that he is going to be the  Champion.

  7 X F1WC

NDDP - New Deal Development Program

Get Started Right Here !

H ave you ever dreamt of becoming an F1 driver ? Have you ever gave taught  how  those drivers got seats in their current F1 teams. Did you ever asked yourself how much it would be exciting to grab that steering  wheel of an F1 car ?   It is a well paid job, too. Many drivers already made their  fortune.  It could be YOU.

If any of the above questions or similar are frequently going trough your mind and you are young and it is your dream to drive an F1 car,  this is the right place to start working on your dream and your future career . The whole line - up of modern Gladiators in F1 started right here.  In Karting.

Retired King of  F1 Michael Schumacher , 7 Times World Champion , started as a Karter, too. Current  double World Champion Fernando Alonso started his career in Go Kart when he was only 3 years old. Lewis Hamilton who is currently leading F1 WC was also Karting Champ. So what are you waiting for ?

Talk to your parents and ask them to contact KARTWORX to find out how we can help you to develop your skills and fulfill your dreams  and take control of  your future. NDDP Program is waiting for you.

It is only a call away.  So call right now !


It is our aim to re-incarnate Karts from the past. A separate Kart Bazaar web site is in the pipeline where (free of charge) advertising would be provided where the sale and exchange of Kart chassis, components and accessories for karts prior to 1999 is possible. We are preparing to organize an ever growing World trend in Historic kart racing too.

Keywords: Kart, Karting