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By: Kapow Technologies  11-11-2011
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With traditional methods of application mobilization, projects can take years, cost millions – and often end up being abandoned. Kapow Mobile Katalyst changes the game, enabling you to mobilize any business app as much as 10x faster and 90% cheaper.

Fast track to mobility as a competitive advantage

The world is going mobile – in fact, nearly 80% of us are already there, using over 5.3 billion mobile phone subscriptions globally. Business is behind the curve on this one, according to Forrester: "A majority of companies either do not have a mobile strategy or are only just starting to build one. Forrester believes that they must integrate mobile as part of their overall corporate strategy as a matter of some urgency."1

One of the hold-ups for business is the huge challenge of mobilizing existing apps, especially ones that have been around a while, were modified over time, and now have no "mobile ready" web service API. The problem is that most business apps lack APIs that expose the data and business logic you want to deliver to mobile devices. Adding a service-level interface to a legacy app is a complex development project requiring an extensive rewrite – including years of planning, coding, testing, spending, disrupting and, too often, abandoning. Kapow Mobile Katalyst changes the game by letting you repurpose existing apps as mobile apps, leaving the underlying systems untouched.

The picture illustrates the challenge. Just to be clear, we are not a Mobile Enterprise Application Platform (MEAP). MEAPs are development frameworks to create the front-end for mobile apps for specific handsets and OSes. But first, before that can happen, you need to solve for "X". The red X represents the data and functionality from the existing app that you want to provide in real time to mobile users. How do you get that out of the old app and ready to be tailored for the front end to the appropriate mobile form factor? That's the sticking point with traditional approaches when there's no API. Enter Kapow Software.

Keywords: Api

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